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Feature Trial Basic Adv.
Supports Individuals/Families, Events, Notes, Facts, Sources, Repositories, Addresses, To Do's, Alternate Names, LDS Ordinances, Latitude/Longitude, DNA, Named Lists and more.1
Supports Multimedia (Images/Photos/PDF)1  
Ability to Add / Edit / Delete data on the device.2
Relationship Calculator (relationship between two people)3
Ability to retrieve and add GPS coordinates to data.4
3-Generation view
3-Generation view with Images  
TreeView  (Ancestor or Descendant)5
Individual View6
(Not available with non-touchscreen smartphone version)
Feature Trial Basic Adv.
Direct 2-way Synchronization with Legacy Family Tree Version 5 through 7 Databases (No GEDCOM needed)
Direct import of The Master Genealogist Version 5 through 8 databases.
Direct import of RootsMagic Version 2 through 4 databases
Direct import of Ancestral Quest Version 11 and 12 databases
Direct import of Genbox Version 2 and 3 databases
Direct import of Personal Ancestral File databases using the Pocket Genealogist PAF/FTM Add-on from Wholly Genes Software (available as a separate purchase) 7
Direct import of Family Tree Maker databases using the Pocket Genealogist PAF/FTM Add-on from Wholly Genes Software (available as a separate purchase)7
Feature Trial Basic Adv.
Supports Multiple Databases on the device (as many as space permits)
Databases and program may be placed on storage cards
Ability to "Soft" or "Hard" reset device from within Pocket Genealogist8
Ability to format storage cards8
Ability to change size of text for 3-gen, Tree Views, Lists and Edit fields.
Support for Research Lists (Similar to Family Historian Named Lists)
VGA Screen support with Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition and higher (with a VGA capable device)
Portrait and Landscape orientation support with Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition and higher. (Should cover all PocketPC's but only some smartphones have this ability)
Supports "Capacitive Touch" screens.  (Finger instead of Stylus)
Feature Trial Basic Adv.
Supports devices with screen resolutions of 176x220, 240x240,  240x320, 240x400, 320x240, 320x320, 320x480, 400x240, 440x240, 480x272, 480x320, 480x640, 480x800, 640x240, 640x480, 800x480, 800x600
List column widths and positions can be changed and saved
(Not available with non-touchscreen smartphone version)
Supported date types: About, Circa, Before, After, Between, Say, Or, From/To, Estimated, Calculated, WFT EST, Approximated, Either, To, Quarter Date,  and LDS values such as BIC, Pre-1970, DNS, etc.9
Find Individuals by Surname
Find Individuals by Given name
Find Individuals by Place, Temple, or To Do locality10
Find To Do tasks by task name
Feature Trial Basic Adv.
Support for Field Notes11,12
Has a "Changes Report" that reports on what has changed on the device to be used in lieu of 2-way synchronizing or GEDCOM merging.  
"Check for Update" feature allows automatic install of new updates available from the Northern Hills Software website.  
Database Backup utility
Date Calculator
Soundex Calculator
Coordinates Converter
Edit Master List information (I.E. Sources, Locations, Surnames, etc.)
Able to import data using GEDCOM files13
Able to Export Pocket Genealogist databases to a GEDCOM file
Feature Trial Basic Adv.
GEDCOM Profile for Aldfaer, Ancestral Quest, Brother's Keeper, Family Historian, Family Origins, Family Tree Legends, Family Tree Maker, GenBox Family History, Generations, Heredis, Legacy Family Tree, Personal Ancestral File, ProGen, RootsMagic, The Master Genealogist and Ultimate Family Tree
Single installation program for both desktop and device
Support for PocketPC 2003  & 2003SE, Windows Mobile 5,  Windows Mobile 6, and Windows Mobile 6.5 Devices.   Will not work on Windows Phone 7.  Click HERE for a note regarding Windows Phone 7.
Support for smartphone (non-touch screen) devices.  Requires Windows Mobile 5 or higher.
Supports Serial, USB, Infrared (IR), Wi-Fi, Ethernet and Bluetooth connection to device14
Comprehensive User Guide in Adobe Acrobat or Microsoft Word format
Compatible with Windows NT, 2000, XP, Vista or Windows 7 (32 or 64-bit)
Supports Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish

Feature Notes

1 Availability depends on if the originating desktop genealogy program supports that type of data.  For example, not all desktop genealogy programs support To Do lists.  Some programs may support the feature but don't export the data to the GEDCOM file so transfer to the device cannot occur.

2 There are some restrictions with some of the "Direct" and the PAF/FTM Add-on transfers.  These transfers can retrieve data that is not normally available via GEDCOM.  This type of data cannot be changed on the device since you can't export the changes back to GEDCOM.  (For example the TMG Research Log and Roles and Witnesses)

3 The relationship calculator currently supports 10 generations and does not calculate step and half relationships.

4 Requires a GPS device that works with your handheld.

5 Up to 255 generations.  You may find that 255 generations significantly degrades performance during display.

6 The Individual View (The "View" that shows the Individuals as a list) is currently only suited for small databases (roughly 1000 individuals or less) as the time to display more individuals can be significant.   For large databases the 3-gen or Tree Views are more suitable.

7 Requires the additional purchase of the Pocket Genealogist PAF/FTM  Add-on available exclusively from Wholly Genes Software.   (Does not currently work with FTM 2010)

8 PocketPC (or smartphone) devices only and may not work on all devices.

9 Not all types are available for every import.   (only if the originating program supports that type)

10 To Do Localities only supported by some programs such as Legacy Family Tree.

11 Field notes do not transfer via GEDCOM.  There is a separate facility within the desktop side of Pocket Genealogist for printing or viewing Field Notes.

12 You can have up to 5 TOTAL Field Notes with the trail version.  You may add/edit/delete them but no more than 5 total.

13 Any "standard" GEDCOM file is acceptable as import into Pocket Genealogist.   If your desktop genealogy program is not listed in the "GEDCOM Profile" section, you can still import your data as a "Generic" profile will be used.

14 Any connection type supported by ActiveSync is supported.


Not a complete list, contact Northern Hills Software if you have a specific question

Limits Trial Basic Advanced
Individuals per database 327,6801 327,6801 327,6801
Events/LDS Ordinances per database 327,6801 327,6801 327,6801
Notes per database 327,6801 327,6801 327,6801
Addresses/Repositories per database 327,6801 327,6801 327,6801
Field Notes per database 327,6801 327,6801 327,6801
Names/Alternate names per database 327,6801 327,6801 327,6801
Sources per database 327,6801 327,6801 327,6801
To Do's per database 327,6801 327,6801 327,6801
Source Citations per database 327,6801 327,6801 327,6801
Maximum size of a note 64MB2 64MB2 64MB2
Maximum size of a Location 2553 2553 2553
Maximum size of Prefix 2553 2553 2553
Maximum size of Suffix 2553 2553 2553
Maximum size of Given name 2553 2553 2553
Maximum size of Surname 2553 2553 2553
Maximum size of freeform date 2553 2553 2553

Limit Notes

1 This is the maximum limit for Windows Mobile 5 and 6 devices.  PocketPC 2003 has a limit of 262,144.   This is a theoretical limit as real world situations will likely be impractical (sync time) for these size databases.   The database size per "type of data" (Individual, Event, Note, etc.). also cannot exceed 64MB (Windows Mobile 5 and 6) or 16MB (Pocket PC 2003).   Synchronization times may be unacceptable for huge databases.   The biggest constraint is the amount of available memory on the device and the amount of time you wish to allow for synchronizations.

2 This limit is for all notes combined on Windows Mobile 5 and 6 devices.  PocketPC 2003 has a 16MB limit.

3 The GEDCOM profile determines the maximum length for the field based on the size allowed by the originating program.