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Version 3 Downloads (3.48A01)
Version 4 Downloads (4.10A01)

You can have either the Production release or the Public Beta release installed but not both.  (You do not need to uninstall before installing either the Production or Public Beta release, they will "overlay" each other)

You use your normal registration (unlock) code with the Public Beta.

Version 4 Downloads

Category Description Click to download

Pocket PC

Devices with a touch screen

Windows Mobile 2003, 5 and 6
Includes Phone Edition devices

Pocket PC

Devices without a touch screen

Windows Mobile 5 or 6

Windows CE Windows CE 5 or 6
H/PC or Netbook style devices
Windows CE

Version 4.10A01 - July 23, 2017

  •  Recognition of TMG v9

Version 4.09A03 - August 30, 2014

  •  Recognition of TMG v9

Version 4.09A02 - January 22, 2014

  •  Fix to TMG v8 import to prevent hang when role has a sufficiently large number of role labels.

Version 4.09A01 - January 19, 2014

  •  Support for Legacy v8 (8g)

Version 4.08A12 - November 21, 2013

** Equivalent to Production Release 4.08 **

  •  Support for Legacy v8

Version 4.08A06 - March 31, 2013

  •  Refined support for TMG 8.05

Version 4.08A05 - March 26, 2013

  •  Support for TMG 8.05

Version 4.08A04 - March 20, 2013

  •  Support for Legacy (7o) v7.5.0.230

Version 4.08A03 - March 11, 2013

  •  Additional work for Legacy (7n) v7.5.0.226

Version 4.08A02 - March 10, 2013

  •  Support for Legacy (7n) v7.5.0.226

Version 4.08A01 - February 3, 2013

  •  Support for Geneatique 2010

Version 4.07A01 - November 24, 2012

  •  Support for RootsMagic 6
  •  Support for Ancestral Quest 14

Version 4.06A02 - September 11, 2012

  •  Support for Legacy (7M)

Version 4.06A01 - May 28, 2012

  •  Initial support for Family Historian V5
  •  Fixed "Abnormal End" during GEDCOM import.  (Found with a FH V5 GEDCOM)

Version 4.05A02 - February 18, 2012

  •   Support for direct import of Legacy require re-import and synchronization of data.

Version 4.04A03 - December 1, 2011

**Equivalent to Production Release 4.04 **

  •  Support for RootsMagic 5

Version 4.04A02 - November 20, 2011

  •   Support for FTM 2012 GEDCOM imports.   Includes multi-media and custom citation tag _ABBR.

Version 4.04A01 - October 31, 2011

  •   Added option on GEDCOM export screen to allow exporting of "Media" information for 'Direct' import databases.  (Exports for GEDCOM imported databases always export media information)

Version 4.03A05 - August 28, 2011

*** Equivalent to Production Release 4.03 ***

  •  "Tools", "Find", "To Do" changed to merge "by Task" and "by Repository".  (You now select the type from the find dialog same as the other "Finds")
  •  Keep track of last 'type' selected for each Find so that when find is called again, that 'type' will be selected by default in the drop down list.
  •  Update to Norwegian Translations

Version 4.03A04 - July 17, 2011

  •   Support for Legacy 7 mtDNA

Version 4.03A03 - June 9, 2011

  •   Initial support for The Master Genealogist Version 8

Version 4.03A01 - November 22, 2010

  •  Added "BMP" option back to Advanced Options to allow synchronizing BMP files (instead of JPG) for devices that don't support JPG.  (Windows CE "Core" devices for example)
  •  Fixed bug (Desktop) when returning from "Tools" menu the action icons for the selected database aren't properly set.
  •  Fix to date calculator which could give an incorrect date when subtracting a Y M D value from a date.

Version 4.02A01 - October 2, 2010

  •  Fixed a bug in the registration/unlock routine that was incorrectly indicating user was 'unregistered'.
  •  Allow "Check for Update" even if program is unregistered.
  •  Same as production release 4.02

Version 4.01A05 - September 23, 2010

  •  Same as Production Release 4.01
  •  Added "History" buttons to 3-gen Icon Bar since menu no longer has those buttons.  (Applicable to all but Pocket PC 2003 which still has the old style menu)
  •  Added ability to select 'default' sort/display on Individual view if Individual view is the default view at program start.   (See "View" tab under "Configuration")
  •  Menu changes so that CE 5 and 6 "Core" devices (Netbook style) have the "Toggle 3-gen Icon Bar" option.

Version 4.01A04 - September 15, 2010

  •  Support for Windows CE 5 and 6 devices.  (Netbook style for example)  You may find that images won't display (thumbnails or otherwise) and that the 'external viewer' must be used to view.   (Tap on 'JPEG' Icon to invoke external viewer)
  •  Allow 'Manual Sync' for all devices.

Version 4.01A03 - September 7, 2010

  •  On repository list, double tapping item in list will invoke 'edit'.
  •  All thumbnails in program now allow tapping image to display full screen.
  •  Added thumbnail display for source/citation tabs.
  •  Fixed program termination when pressing media button on an event for a witness.  (TMG Imports for example)
  •  Danish update.

Version 4.01A02 - August 31, 2010

  •  You can now view the image "full screen" from the 3-gen w/Photos "view" by tapping on the image.
  •  Change to TMG import and Primary Names processing to try and prevent SQL 100 error reported by a user.
  •  Disable "Other - CE 5.0 or higher" as download type during "Check for Update".

Version 4.01A01 - August 29, 2010

  •  Change to installer to allow install on PPC 2002 to see if the program will run.
  •  Version 3 Registration codes will no longer work with V4 Beta
  •  Changed some links in the program to match changes made to production website.
  •  Change to the "Find by" dialogs to properly display initial "prompt" (based on device, some devices already were correct, some were not)
  •  Added "Are you sure" prompt for the "Reset all to default" buttons on the color configuration screens on the device.
  •  Disallow setting text and background color to the same value.  (Which makes data 'invisible')
  •  On GEDCOM import, cause of death can now be contained across multiple lines in the GEDCOM file.  (up to 255 characters)
  •  Changed customize screens in relation to multimedia (so that "Primary Only" or "Preferred Only" does not appear to be related to selecting "Images")
  •  On touchscreen devices on the multimedia tab, you can now tap on the thumbnail to "edit/view" image information.  (Same as selecting the "Edit" button)
  • and Family Tree Maker 2011 profiles added.
  •  The changes report now shows the type of individual or family note.  (mostly used with Legacy Family Tree imports)

Version 3 Downloads

Category Description Click to download

Pocket PC

Devices with a touch screen

Pocket PC 2000, 2002, Windows Mobile 2003, Windows Mobile 5 and 6
Includes Phone Edition devices

Pocket PC

Devices without a touch screen

Windows Mobile 5 or 6


H/PC 2000 with CE 3.0 or CE .Net
H/PC Pro with CE 2.11

Palm-Size Palm-Size PC with CE 2.11
This is NOT for Palm devices such as the Treo

Version 3.48A01 - February 27, 2012

  •  Support for Direct Legacy imports.

Version 3.47A01 - July 11, 2010

*** Equivalent to Production Release 3.47 ***

  •  Support for mtDNA version of Legacy Family Tree v7 (although mtDNA is not transferred to device)

Version 3.45A02 - September 9, 2010

  •  Equivalent to Production Release 3.46
  •   Added FTM 2011 and GEDCOM Profile
  •  Fixed title to properly show the name of the individual or family when displaying To Do tabs.
  •  Fixed program termination when pressing media button for an witnessed event.  (TMG Imports for example)
  •  Double tap on repository name in list will invoke edit same as using the edit button.
  •  Fixed the display (preview) of the To Do note on the Individual or Family To Do tab.
  •  Changed URL's in program to match changes made to website.
  •  GEDCOM import now supports multi-line Cause of Death field.

Version 3.45A01 - July 6, 2010

  •  Added FTM 2010 GEDCOM Profile
  •  Equivalent to Production Release 3.45



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