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Pocket Genealogist is a full featured program that can add, edit or delete information on the device. 

Some of the features in both Basic and Advanced include:

  •  3-Generation View (shown at right)
  •  Ancestor and Descendant Tree Views
  •  Databases and program can be stored in memory or on a storage card.
  •  Multiple databases allowed on device.
  •  VGA and "square" screen support (requires device with that format)
  •  Relationship Calculator
  •  GPS Support
  •  Multimedia Support (images/photos/pdf)
  •  And MUCH more!

Additionally, the "Advanced" version of Pocket Genealogist includes:

  • Ability to directly read the databases of Ancestral Quest, Genbox, Legacy Family Tree, RootsMagic and The Master Genealogist. 
  •  Full 2-way synchronizing of Legacy Family Tree databases.   Changes made on the device are directly updated back into the Legacy database.

For more detailed information, see the User Guide.

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The 30-day "Trial" version of Pocket Genealogist allows you to try before you buy.  Not all features are available in "Trial-mode", such as data entry, but no limitations are set regarding the data you can transfer to the device.

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