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This information is applicable for Version 3 of Pocket Genealogist.  Version 4 only works with PocketPC 2003, Windows Mobile 5 and 6. 

Use the following table to help determine what type of device you have so that you can get the proper download.   Not all devices may be shown in this list as new devices are introduced on a regular basis. ALL PocketPC devices are supported even if they aren't in the list.  

To the best of our knowledge the information in this table is correct.  However, we highly recommend that you do not make a purchase decision based solely on information found here.

Unsupported Devices

PPC - PocketPC   SPH - Smartphone  HPC- Handheld PC   PSP - Palm-Size PC

Click on the model number for detailed information courtesy of
Click on any check mark for the Pocket Genealogist download.

Last Updated December 28, 2009

Manufacturer Model PPC SPH


Abocom X-Pilot, X-Pilot II      
Acer c1, c510, c530, dx650, dx900, e1, f1, f900, l1, m900, n10, n20, n20w, n30, n35, n50, n300, n311, x960      
Acer d155/d156      
Airis NC05/NC05A, N509, T470i, T480/T408E, T482, T483/T483L, T605, T610, T620      
Airis T470/T470N      
Airis T900, T920/T920E, T930, T940E/T940I/T940EI, T940T/T940T1/T940T2      
Airo A25      
Alaska Cove Mexmal      
@migo See Palmax        
Alltel See by device        
Alcatel OT-988W      
Altina A600, A660, A680/A680s, A700, A760, A800, A860      
Amoi E850, E860, N8, N800, N810      
Amoi 6711, E70, E72, E75, E76, E78      
AnexTEK moboDA 3160, moboDA 3360, moboDA 3380, SP230, SP310      
AnexTEK moboDA G610, moboDA G620      
Askey Piccolo PC010      
Manufacturer Model PPC SPH HPC PSP
Asus Galaxy Mini, Lamborghini ZX1, M536, P505, P515, P525, P526 (Pegasus), P527, P535, P550 (Solaris), P552w, P560, P565, P735, P750, P835
MyPal Series:
A600, A620, A620BT, A626, A632, A632N, A636, A636N, A639, A686, A696, A716, A730, A730w
Asus Aries, M530w, M930w      
Asus R300, R600, R700, R700t      
Asus AH100      
AT&T (Cingular) Fuze, HTC Pure, SX56, SX66, 81xx, 85xx Series, Tilt 8900, Tilt 8925, Tilt 2
AT&T (Cingular) 2125, 2100, 3125, BlackJack, SMT-5700
Audiovox PDA-1032, PDA-2032, PPC-4100, PPC-5050, PPC-6600, PPC-6601XV6700      
Axia A308      
Axia A108      
Manufacturer Model PPC SPH HPC PSP
Bell HTC 6800      
Bell HTC 5800      
BenQ/Siemens P50, P51      
BenQ e72      
Blaupunkt Travel Pilot
500, 700
Bluebird Pidion
BIP-6000, BM-150R
Bouygues Telecom iPDA      
Casio E-15, E-100, E-105      
Casio E-115, E-125, E-200, E-700, E-750, E-2000,  E-3000, EG-80, EG-800, EM-500, IT-10 M20, IT-10 M20BR, IT-10 M30BR, IT-70, IT-700 M      
Casio DT-5200 M50, DT-5200 M50C, DT-5200 M50S, DT-5200 M50SC, DT-5300, IT-500 M30, IT-500 M30B, IT-500 M30CB, IT-500 M30CR, IT-500 M30R      
Cesscom LUXian UBIQ-2000      
Manufacturer Model PPC SPH HPC PSP
Cingular (AT&T) SX56, SX66, 8100, 8125, 8525
Cingular (AT&T) 2125, 2100, 3125, BlackJack
CipherLab CPT-9500PPC      
CipherLab CPT-9400, CPT-9400 VGA, CPT-9480, CPT-9480 VGA,
CPT-9470, CPT-9470 VGA,
CPT-9490, CPT-9490 VGA,
CPT-9500CE, CPT-9570CE,
CPT-9580CE, CPT-9590CE
Clearview Infinity miPC      
Compaq Aero series:
1530, 1550, 2100, 2110, 2120, 2130, 2150, 2160, 2180
Compaq (see also HP) iPAQ series:
H3130, H3135, H3150, H3630, H3635, H3650, H3660, H3670, H3730, H3760, H3765, H3830, H3835, H3840, H3850, H3870, H3875, All other iPAQs, see also HP
Compaq Aero 8000      
Cowon N2, P5 80GB, Q5W 60GB      
Coxion WebBook      
Manufacturer Model PPC SPH HPC PSP
CyberBank Triton series:
0880, 0885, 1880, 1880KW
POZ series:

0850, 0870, 1870, 2470, B300, G300, X301, X501, X310
CyberBank Majesty
PC-Ephone series:

Dallab DP900, DX8      
DAP Microflex Series:
2240X, 2240X Wireless
DAP Microflex Series:
CE3240B, CE3240BWE, CE5000B, CE5000BWE, CE8800B, CE8800BWE, CE8810B, CE8810BWE, CE8640B, CE8640BWECE8820B, CE8820BWE
Data Evolution See Vadum        
Daxian Telecom CU928, C8100, C9000      
Dell X3, X3i, X5, X30, X30i, X50, X50v, X51, X51v      
Dolphin 7900, 95xx Series      
Manufacturer Model PPC SPH HPC PSP
Dopod 686, 696, 696i, 699, 700, 810, 818, 818 Pro, 828, 828+, 830, 838, 838 Pro, 900, C800, C858, CHT 9000, CHT 9100, CHT 9110, D600, D802, D810, D818c, E616, M700, P100, P800, P800W, P860, S1, S1 Enhanced, S610, S900c, S910, U1000, T2222, T3238, T4288, T5388 (Touch Diamond 2), T5399, T8388, Touch Pro, Touch HD      
Dopod 310, 557W, 577W, 577Wx, 586W, 595, 710, C500, C720W, C730, S300       
DreimGO DG250DVB-T      
Ecom EX10 (510, 610), X20      
Emobile Emonster S11HT, Touch Diamond S21HT      
Emobile Dual Diamond S22HT      
e-plus+ PDA III      
Manufacturer Model PPC SPH HPC PSP
E-TEN Infotouch series:
G500, G500+, M500, M550, M600, M600+, P300, P300B, P600, P603, P610, P700
Glofish series:
DX900, M700, M750, M800, M810, X500, X500+, X600, X610, X650, X800, X900, V900
Everex Freestyle 540      
Everex E500, E900, Neon      
Fourier Nova series:
5000BX, 5000EX, 5000SX
Fujitsu PenCentra 130, 200      
Fujitsu-Siemans Pocket Loox series:
410, 420, 600, 610BT, 610BT/WLAN, 710, 718, 720, C550, N500, N520, N560, T810, T830, V70
RPDA series:
N520c, N520p, N560c, N560e, N560p
Fujitsu-Siemans Pocket Loox series:
N100, N110
Manufacturer Model PPC SPH HPC PSP
Garman iQue series:
M3, M4, M5
(Garman also makes PalmOS devices which will not work)
Garman-Asus nuvifone M20      
General Mobile DSTW1      
Getac PS236, PS535F      
Gigabyte GSmart series:
g-Smart, i, i+, i120, i128, i300, i350, q60, t600, MS800, MS802, MS804, MS808, MS820, MW700, MW702, MW998, S1200, S1204
Gresso Black Diamonds, Royal Black Diamonds
Avantgarde Series:
Luna, Luna Steel, Skeleton, Skeleton Lady Diamond, Sol, Sol Steel
Grundig GR980      
Hitachi HPW600ET, HPW600ETMHPW600ETW      
Hitachi G1000, FLORA-ie MX1      
HKC C880, G801, G901, G908, G920, G1000, Mopad, Mopad 8E, Pearl, Prado, W1000      
HP (see also Compaq) Jornada series:
420, 428, 430, 430se
HP Jornada 680, 680e, 690, 690e, 710, 720, 728, 820, 820e      
HP 620LX/660LX (w/HPC Pro Upgrade)      
Manufacturer Model PPC SPH HPC PSP
HP iPAQ series:
Data Messenger, Glisten, 100, 110, 111, 112, 114, 200, 210, 211, 212, 214, 600, 610, 610c, 612, 612c, 614, 614c, 900, 910, 910c, 912, 912c, 914, 914c, h1910, h1915, h1930, h1935, h1937, h1940, h1945, h2210, h2212, h2212e, h2215, h3970, h3975, h3950, h3955, h4150, h4155, h4350, h4355, h5150, h5155, h5450, h5455, h5550, h5555, h6310, h6315, h6320, h6325, h6340, h6345, h6365, hw6510, hw6515, hw6910, hw6915, hw6920, hw6925, hw6940, hw6945hw6965, hx2110, hx2115, hx2190, hx2195, hx2410, hx2415hx2490, hx2495, hx2750, hx2755, hx2790, hx2795, hx4700, hx4705, rw6100, rw6815, rw6818, rw6828, rx1950, rx1955, rx3115, rx3415, rx3417, rx3715, rx4240rx4540, rx5730, rx5735, rx5900, rx5915, rx5935, rx5965, rz1710, rz1717
Jornada series:
520, 525, 545, 547, 548, 564, 565, 567, 568, 928, 928WDA
Manufacturer Model PPC SPH HPC PSP
HP iPAQ 500/510/512/514, Voice Messenger      
HP iPAQ 300/310/312/314      
HTC Census, Diamond, Herman, Kaiser 140, Max 4G T8290, Omni, Photon, P3300, P3350, P3400, P3400i, P3401, P3470, P3600, P3600i, P4000, P4300, P4350, P4351, P6300, P6500, P6550, Ted Baker Needle, Tera, Trophy, Max 4G T8290, Thoth 100
Advantage series:
X7500, X7501, X7510
Touch series:
Cruise 2009, 3G, Find, HD T8282, HD2 T8585, Pro, P3050, P3450, P3452, P3470, Cruise P3650, Diamond 2, Diamond P3051, Diamond P3100, Diamond P3700, Diamond P3702, Diamond US, Dual CDMA, Dual US, Dual P5310, Dual P5500, HD T8285, Viva T2223 , Pro2 T7373, Touch 2 (T3333)
TyTN & TyTN II series:
P4500, P4550, Viva T2223
HTC 5800, Faraday, MTeoR, Snap, StrTrk,  S310, S320, S411, S420, S521, S522, S620, S621, S630, S640, S650, S710, S711, S720, S730, S730 US, S740, S743      
Huawei C8100      
Manufacturer Model PPC SPH HPC PSP
Hyundai A100, A200      
Husky FeX21      
IBM WorkPad Z50      
iconX A410, G300, G310, G400      
iDO P890, S600, S601, S630      
iMate JAM, JAM Limited, JAMA, JAMA 101JAMin, JAQ, JAQ3, JAQ4JASJAM, JASJAR, K-JAM, K-JAR, New JAM, PDA-L, PDA-N, PDA2, PDA2k, PDA2k EVDO, Pocket PC Phone Edition
Ultimate series:
5150, 6150, 7150, 8150, 8502, 9150, 9502
iMate Hummer, SPL, SmartFlip, SP JAS, SP5, SP5m      
Manufacturer Model PPC SPH HPC PSP
Intermec 6651, CK31, CK60, CN2      
Intermec 700 series, 730B, 730I, 741B, 751B, 761B, CK60 Series, CN2B, CN3, CN30, CV30      
Inventec Mercury, K870      
i-teq Bond, Laser      
Itronix T-5200      
iZenMobile KRMA, KSMT      
JoinTech JPro Mini Laptop JL7220      
Juniper Systems Archer Field PC      
JVC iO MP-PV131, MP-PV331      
Kinpo Neon      
Manufacturer Model PPC SPH HPC PSP
Krome Navigator F1, SPY      
Lenovo Vinci, ET560, ET600, ET960, ET980      
Lenovo Tetris      
LG  Eigen GM730, GM730f, GM750, GT810H, GW825, Incite CF810, Incite CT810, KC1, KC8100, KS20, KT878, N1, PM80, PM800      
LG GM550, GW550, GW600, HQ      
LG Phenom Express, LN400, LN500/LN505/LN510, LN550/LN555, LN600, LN700/LN704/LN705/LN715,  LN730, LN735, LN740, LN790, LN800, LN800T, LN830/LN830R, LN835/LN835R,  LN840/LN840R, LN845/LN845R, LG855/LG855R, N10, N10T      
Lobster 700 TV      
Medion MD 2910, MDPEA 1000, MDPNA 100, MDPNA 1500, MDPPC 100, MDPPC 150, MDPPC 250      
Mitac (Mio)
Lovebird, Explora K70, Explora K85
Digi-Walker series:
168, 168RS, 169, 180, 336, 336BT, 338, 338+, 339, 558, 728, A201, A501, A502, A700, A701, A702, P340, P350, P360, P550, P550m, P560
Mitac (Mio) Leap K1, Spirit V505 TV, Spirit V735 TV
Digi-Walker series:

268, 269, C210, C220, C250, C310, C311, C317, C320, C323, C517, C510/C510E, C520, C520t, C523, C620, C620T, C710C720, C725, C728, C810, H610
Moov Series:
150, 200, 200/210 Europe, 300, 301, 310, 330, 330 Europe, 350, 360/370 Europe, 510, 560, 580, 700, M300, M400, S300, S401, S500, S501, S555/S556, S568, S700, S760, V500, V700
Manufacturer Model PPC SPH HPC PSP
Mitsubishi Trium Mondo      
Mobile Compia M3 Plus MC-7700S, M3 Plus MC-7500S, MM3      
Mobile Compia M1, M2, M3 Black, M3 Plus MC-6500, M7      
Mobile Crossing Waypoint series:
100, 200
Mobinnova ICE US, ICE 5420      
Modeo Modeo      
Motorola A3300, Atila, FR68, FR6000, HC700-G, HC700-L, MC35, MC5574, MC5590, MC9500-K, MPx, VC6096, MOTOSURF A3100, VC6096      
Motorola Alexander, Q, Q2, Q8, Q9, Q9c, Q9h, Q9h Global, Q Music 9m, Q11      
Motorola MOTONAV series:
TN20, TN30
MoviStar TSM 400, 500      
mWG Atom V, Zinc II      
Navigon 1300/1310, 2310, 3300/3310, 4000, 4310/4350, 5000, 6000, 6000T, 6310/6350, 7000T, 7300/7310, 8300/8310      
Navman GPS (Same as Mio 168), Navman PiN 570      
Navon N250, N260, N350, N360, N450, N460, N470, N500, N550, N560, N650      
NDrive S300, S400      
NDrive G280S, G280R, G400, G800/G880R, Touch, TouchXL
NEC Pocket@iEX
MobilePro series:
770, 780, 790, 800, 880, 900, 900C
NEC MobilePro series:
200e, 250e, 300e, P300
Nokia 500      
Manufacturer Model PPC SPH HPC PSP
NTS DreamWriter I.T., DreamMax 700      
NTT DoCoMo FOMA HT1100, hTc Z
PRO Series
HT-01A, HT-02A, T-01A
NTT DoCoMo FOMA F1100      
NTT DoCoMo Sigmarion, Sigmarion II, Sigmarion III      
O2 XDA Series:
II, II mini, II mini Black, IIi, IIs, III, Argon, Atom, Atom Exec, Atom Life, Atom Pure, Comet, Diamond, Diamond 2, Diamond ProDenim, Exec, Flame, Flint, Guide, Ignito, Mantle, mini PRO, mini S, Neo, Nova, Orbit, Orbit II, Serra, Star, Stealth, Steller, Terra, Trion, Venn, XDA, Zest, Zinc
O2 XDA series:
Atmos, Cosmo, Graphic, IQ, Orion
Okwap K871, K868, K868+, K869, S868      
Okwap K728      
Manufacturer Model PPC SPH HPC PSP
Olympus R100 TDA      
Opticon H16, H16B, H19, H19B      
Orange M650
SPV series:
M500, M600, M700, M1000, M2000, M2500, M3000, M3100, M5000
Orange SPV series:
C100, C200, C600, C700, E600, E610, E650, F600
Orsio g735, n725, p745      
Packard Bell PocketGear 2030, 2060, 3025      
Palm Treo series:
700w, 700wx, 750, 750v, 750wx, 800w, 850w, Pro

Note: PalmOS devices will not work.
Palm Treo series:
500, 500v
Palmax (@migo) PD-131, PD-60M, PC-600C      
Manufacturer Model PPC SPH HPC PSP
Panasonic Toughbook Series:
CF-P1, CF-P1 Mk II
Panasonic Strada Pocket Series:
Pantech C810      
Pantech DUO C810, DUO 2 C820, PN-820, Matrix PRO      
Paragon HiPi-2300      
Pharos GPS series:
505, 525, 600, 600e
Traveler Series:
117, 127, 137, 619
Pharos EZ-Road PEZ120      
Philips Nino 500/510      
Psion/Teklogix Workabout Pro series:
C, M, S
Psion/Teklogix 7530, 7535, Netbook Pro, netPad      
QiGi AK007, AK007C, i6C, i6Win/i6P Win, i7, U6/U6P, U8/U8P      
Qool QDA series:
Icon, Lite, Oh!
Manufacturer Model PPC SPH HPC PSP
Qtek 1010, 1020, 2020, 2020i, 2060, 9000, 9090, 9100, 9600, A9100, G100, S100, S110, S200, S300      
Qtek 8300, 8310, 8500, 8600      
RealAegis Armor 1000      
RoverPC C6, E5, G5, G6, G7, N6, N7, P1, P3, P3+, P4, P5, P5+, P7, Q5, Q6, Q7, S1, S2, S5, S6, V7, W5      
RoverPC M5      
RoyalTek Empus series:
RTW-1000, RTW-2000
Sagem WA3050      
Samsung eGO note
NEXio series:
S150, S151, S160, S165, XP30, XP40
Samsung GT-B7300, GT-B7300C, GT-B7610 GT-B7620, GT-i8000, OMNIA Pro, SWD-M100
SCH series:

i329, i730, i760, i770, i830, IP-830w, i900L, i910, i920, M400, M480, M490, M495, M720, M710, M715, M830
SGH series:
i710, i718, i740, i750, i760, i770, i777, i780, i900, i900L, i907, i908
SPH series:
i350, i700, i770, M4650, M4800, M7350, M8400
Manufacturer Model PPC SPH HPC PSP
Samsung i220, GT-B7320, GT-B7330, GT-C6620, GT-C6625
SGH series:

i200, i310, i320, i320n, i325i600i607 BlackJack, i616, i617 Jack, i617 BlackJack II, i620, i627, i637, i640, i640v
Sharp 03 WS020SH, EM-ONE S01SH, EM-ONE S01SH2
W-ZERO3 series:

WS003SH, WS004SH, WS007SH, WS011SH
Sharp Tripad PV-6000, Mobilon Pro PV-5000
Telios series:
HC-AJ1, HC-AJ2, HC-AJ3, HC-7000, VJ1C, VJ2C
Sharp Mobilon HC4100, HC4200, HC4500, HC4600 (w/HPC Pro Upgrade)      
Shenzhen Hidiyin EPC 07W, HDY-07 EPC      
Siemens P50, SX45, SX45i, SX56, SX66      
Siemens Gigaset CL4
SIMpad series:

Simvalley Mobile XP-45, XP-65      
Socket Mobile SoMo 650, SoMo 650s      
SoftBank 930SC Omnia, X01HT, X01T, X04HT, X05HT      
SoftBank X02HT, X03HT      
Manufacturer Model PPC SPH HPC PSP
Sony Ericsson W1, Xperia X1, X1a, X2/X2i, X2a      
Sprint PPC-5050, PPC-6600, PPC-6601, PPC-6700, PPC-6800, Touch Pro, Touch Pro2
Sprint S511      
Sunno Q880      
Swisscom XPA series:
S200, v1510, v1605
Swisscom XPA v1240, XPA v1405      
Symbol PDT-8000, PPT-2700, PPT-2800, PPT-8800w, MC9000-G, MC50 NAV, MC50 QWERTY, MC70, MC70 Phone      
Symbol MC3070, MC3090, PPT 8800      
Symorp GP43BL, S35-A100      
Talla-Tech Rugged PDA 51 & 55      
Tata Indicom EGO      
Tatung M1, M1A      
Manufacturer Model PPC SPH HPC PSP
TDS Ranger Series, Recon Series      
TechFaith Cynthia 850, G3000, Lampson, Lampson II, Moffett, Pebble      
TELE Systems TS8.1PND, TS8.2PND, TS8.2BT, TS8.3PND, TS8.4PND, TS8500PND, TS8600PND, TS8800PND      
Telefonica TSM400, TSM500      
Telekom T-SinusPad      
The Medical Phone iCEphone      
ThinkNavi T7, UZ      
Tibo A1700, S1200      
TMN Bluebelt II, Silverbelt      
T-Mobile Phone Edition, PocketPC, Wing
MDA Series:
I (MDA), II, III,  IV, AMEO, Basic, CompactCompact II, Compact IIICompact IV, Compact V, Pro, TouchTouch 256, Touch HD, Touch HD2, Touch Plus,  Touch Pro, Touch Pro2, US, Vario, Vario II, Vario III, Vario IV, Vario V
T-Mobile Dash, MDA Mail, SDA US, Shadow, Shadow II, Shadow 2009
Torq N100, P100, P100w, P120, P175      
Manufacturer Model PPC SPH HPC PSP
Toshiba e310, e330, e350, e400, e550, e570, e740, e750, e755, e800, e800w, e805, e830, 2032, G810, G900, G910, G920, TG01, TG02, TG03
Dynapocket Series:
K01, K02, L01
Toshiba G500, G710      
Trimble Juno SB, Juno SC, Juno ST, Recon, Recon GPS XB, Recon GPS XC      
Trium Mondo      
Typhoon MyGuide series:
2500, 3500, 3500 XL, 5500 XL, 7000 XL, 7500, 7500 XL, M500
MyPhone series:
Typhoon MyGuide series:
Smartphone SP700
Typhoon SilverGuide 5000
MyGuide series:
2500, 3210, 3610
Typhoon MyGuide series:
3000, 3500, 4320, Pocket Star
UBiQUiO 401, 501, 503G, 601      
Manufacturer Model PPC SPH HPC PSP
Unitech PA950      
UTStarcom PPC6700      
Vadam Cathena, Clio C-1000, Clio C-1050, NXT      
Velocity Mobile 83, 103, 111      
Verizon PPC6700, Touch Diamond, Touch Pro, Touch Pro2, XV6600, XV6700, XV6800, XV6850, XV6875, XV6900, XV6950, XV6975
Verizon  Motorola Q, PN-820, SMT5800, XV5800, XV6175
Verzio Envii      
Viewsonic V35, V36, V37, V38      
Viewsonic ViewPad 100      
Vodaphone v1520, v1605, v1615, v1620, v1640
VPA series:
VPA (I), II, III, IV, Touch
VPA Compact series:
Compact (I), II, IV, V, GPS, S
Manufacturer Model PPC SPH HPC PSP
Vodaphone 920, 1231, SP1210, v1210, v1230,  v1240, v1415, VDA GPS, VDA II, VDA V
Wanxin M1      
Wanxin H1      
WayteQ X-Phone      
WayteQ N330, N360, N470, N500, N510, N750B, N770, N770BT, N800, N850, X610, X620, X810, X820, X920
XDA See O2        
Yakumo PDA series:
Alpha, alphaX GPS, Delta, Delta 300 GPS, Delta 400, deltaX 5 BT, deltaX GPS
Yakumo EazyGo      
Zayo A600      
Zenum Opus      
Zess Zess Phone 2000      
ZTE e811      
ZyXel V660      

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 1 Some of these devices may not allow installation of software without "hacking" the device.   (and not all of these devices may be readily "hackable")




















































































































































































































































































































































































The fine print: The database was used to supply information for this table.  The information above was last updated on December 28, 2009 and "Huawei C8100" was the last device entered from this link: