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Example submitted by Jack Earnshaw

If you allow Automatic configuration, then Norton sets itself up correctly, or asks if you want to allow access. Probably more important is to allow all devices on the "safe" side of the firewall to have free access to each other, through the use of "Internet Zone Control" and giving the IP addresses on your local network (which includes the IPAQ) Trusted Status. By allowing the device to obtain its IP address from the desktop and having a simple network setup (with eg address, then you can allow all devices with the address 192.168.x.x to work without a problem.

Norton Firewall Configuration Example - Submitted by Catherine Ramsey-Hammond

By default, Norton Personal Firewall (NPF) blocks ports 8443 and 8444. These ports should open to synchronize the handheld PC with your computer. To open the ports 8443 and 8444, create a firewall rule in Norton.

Please follow the steps listed below:

1. Open NPF main window.
2. Click on Personal Firewall.
3. In the rightmost frame, click on Configure.
4. Click on the Advanced tab.
5. Click on General Rules. The System-Wide Settings screen appears.
7. Select Permit Internet access, and then click Next. The contents of the Add Rule Dialog box change.
8. Select Connections to and from other computers, and then click Next. The contents of the Add Rule dialog box change.
9. Select Any computer, and then click Next. The contents of the Add Rule dialog box change.  Select TCP and UDP.
11. Select Only the types of communication or ports listed, and then click Add. The Specify Ports dialog box appears.
12. Choose Individually specified ports and Local.
13. Type 8443 and 8444 into the box with single space in between the two entries.
14. Click OK. This closes the window. the Add Rule dialog box appears.
15. Click Next.
16. Select Create an event log entry, and then click Next.
17. Name the rule by typing Port 135 into the box, and then click Next.
18. Confirm your entries, and then click Finish.

If there is a problem with this, you may have to return to the default rules and work from there.