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If you are getting the following screen, the firewall is blocking access from the device to the desktop. 

If you selected "Deny" for any of the Pocket Genealogist prompts then you may get the following screen when you try to synchronize even though ActiveSync may show active.  (And you may have trouble dismissing the program with the "Cancel" button)

You can either remove "Pocket Genealogist (tm)" from ZoneAlarm and allow the prompts again or change the entries to allow access.   If Pocket Genealogist is "stuck" in "Connection to Mobile Device", the following should resolve that problem as well.

The following example shows how to remove Pocket Genealogist then shows the prompts with explanations.

(Click to show full size)

  1. Open ZoneAlarm Pro and Select the "Program Control" Tab on the left and the "Programs" tab on the top.

  2. Click on the "Pocket Genealogist (tm) entry, then right mouse button.

  3. Select "Remove".

  4. Respond "Yes".

You also need to set "ActiveSync Application" and "ActiveSync Connection Manger" to allow access.  Click on the ? or X for each column for those entries and set them to "Allow".  (The above example already shows them set in this manner)

Now, when you do the synchronization again with Pocket Genealogist, you will get the following:

The above occurs when Pocket Genealogist attempts to determine the TCP/IP address for the desktop.

Note: Pocket Genealogist does not connect to the internet, this is "generic" wording by the firewall program.

Check the "Remember this setting" and select "Allow".    You will then get the following:

At this point Pocket Genealogist is trying to communicate from the device to the desktop.  Check the "Remember this setting" and select "Allow".  You now should be able to do synchronizations.

Note: Unlike previous versions of ZoneAlarm, you CAN set the Pocket Genealogist settings to "Ask".  (The question mark)  If you don't use the "Remember this setting" checkbox, the configuration will be setup in this manner.   You must then select "Allow" for both of the above prompts every time you do a synchronization.