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Example submitted by Laurie Patterson

In the ZoneAlarm Pro Control Center, click on Program Control.  Cilck on the "Main" tab; I have Program Control set to Medium, and Automatic Lock is Off.  Click on the "Program" tab; Under the columns "Access" and "Server" there are sub-columns "Trusted" and "Internet". The default is a blue question mark which means Ask.  There seem to be 3 entries under the "Programs" column that need attention. They are "ActiveSync Application", "Connection Manager" and "Pocket Genealogist (tm)". The 4 blue question marks beside each of these 3 programs need to be changed to green check marks meaning "Allow". This is done by clicking on the blue question mark and selecting Allow (green check mark) from the menu that comes up containing 3 choices; Allow (green check mark), Block (red x), Ask (blue question mark).

While it would seem that "Ask" should work, Pocket Genealogist needs to be set to "Allow" or I find I get the 10054 error code. If ZoneAlarm is set to "Ask" for PG, it does ask 1) if you want to allow PGenie to access the internet, and 2) if you want to allow PGenie to act as a server. Even if you answer "yes" it still gives communication error 10054. I think it must be a timing problem or something to do with the way Pocket Genealogist tests to see if it can communicate with the device, because if "Allow" is selected and ZoneAlarm doesn't have to ask permission, it works. Whenever you upgrade Pocket Genealogist to a new version, you have to go into ZoneAlarm and re-select "Allow" for PG because the update will cause the default blue question marks to be selected.