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Pocket Genealogist Version uses standard Microsoft Database Drivers to 'Directly" read The Master Genealogist and Rootsmagic 3 databases.  Northern Hills Software has decided not to package Pocket Genealogist with the appropriate Microsoft drivers since it would make the download significantly larger and could put duplicate files on your computer.   (We feel that we shouldn't be making these decisions for you without your knowledge.)

If you are getting IM002 errors trying to do a 'direct' import on RootsMagic or The Master Genealogist, then you need to update your Microsoft Foxpro database driver. 

Use the link below to go to the Microsoft webpage with more details.  You need to download and install the "MSI" file.

Vista/Windows 7 Issues/Notes

  •  The web page above does not mention Vista or Windows 7, but the MSI file will work.

  •  If you upgrade your machine from an earlier windows version such as XP, then try to install this MSI file, it may appear to install.  If you still get the error indicating you need this update, do the following: (This seems to be common on 64-bit versions of Vista or Windows 7)

    • Download and save the MSI file to your computer

    • Right click on the file and select "Install"

    • Right click on the file and select "Uninstall"

    • Right click on the file and select "Install"

  •  If you get a "Internal Error 2738" when you try to install the MSI file.   Here's how to resolve:

  1. Determine where the file "vbscript.dll" resides on your machine.  Check the "c:\windows\system32" folder first.
  2. Go to "Start", "Accessories" and right click on "Command Prompt".  Then select "Run as Administrator".
  3. In the "Command Prompt" window, enter the following command (without the quote marks)... "cd c:\windows\system32" and press enter.  (Substitute the "path" value to the location where "vbscript.dll" resides on your machine)
  4. Now enter (without quotes) the command "regsvr32 vbscript.dll" and press enter.  This "registers" the Visual Basic scripting language to your machine, for some reason on SOME Vista systems this has not been done.
  5. You should now be able to run the MSI file to successfully install the Foxpro driver.