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There are a number of messages in Pocket Genealogist that may contain an error code.  (You'll see RC=## in the message where ## is the error number)  The error number is a Microsoft operations system code and is generally a value that we don't expect to occur on a regular basis.  The following table shows some of the codes that have been reported and what was done to solve the problem.  If your code is not listed, then click HERE to go to a Microsoft web page with a short description of each code.   Contact Northern Hills Software if you should get a code not in this table so we can add it along with a possible solution.

Code Possible resolution
8 This indicates out of memory.   The first thing to try is a soft reset as this will solve the problem in a lot of cases.  Otherwise, you may need to free up space on the device.  (And generally it is device memory, not a storage card, that needs to have more free space)
32 This means "The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process."... if this occurs during a synchronization, the likely cause is insufficient memory.
4319 This was seen when trying to access a database on a storage card.  This code indicates that the device is not ready (in this case the card).   A soft reset solved the problem.