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Click on any version to find out more information about changes in that version.   Downloads are provided for some device types for some of the versions, if you find you need a download that is not included, please let us know and we'll add it.

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Version 4

Version 3

Version 2

Version 1

Version 4.08 - November 21, 2013

  •   Support for Geneatique 2010
  •  Support for The Master Genealogist v8.05
  •  Support for Legacy v7.5.0.226
  •  Support for Legacy v7.5.0.230
  •  Support for Legacy v8

Version 4.07 - December 2, 2012

  •  Support for Rootsmagic 6
  •  Support for Ancestral Quest 14

Version 4.06 - September 15, 2012

  •  Direct import support for Legacy (new database layout) Requires re-import and synchronization of your databases.
  •  Support for Family Historian Version 5

Version 4.05 - February 26, 2012

  •  Direct import support for Legacy (new database layout) Requires re-import and synchronization of your databases.

Version 4.04 - December 6, 2011

  •  Support for FTM 2012 GEDCOM imports
  •  Support for RootsMagic 5 'Direct' and GEDCOM imports.
  •  Added option on GEDCOM export screen to allow exporting of "Media" information for 'Direct' import databases. (Exports for GEDCOM imported databases always export media information)
  •   RootsMagic 'Direct' imports will now prompt user to close RootsMagic if it is open with the database being imported.

Version 4.03 - September 2, 2011

  •  Added "BMP" option back to Advanced Options to allow synchronizing BMP files (instead of JPG) for devices that don't support JPG. (Windows CE "Core" devices for example)
  •  Fixed bug when returning from "Tools" menu where the action icons for the selected database aren't properly set.
  •  Fix to date calculator which could give an incorrect date when subtracting a Y M D value from a date.
  •  Initial support for The Master Genealogist V8
  •  Support for Legacy 7 mtDNA
  •  "Tools", "Find", "To Do" changed to merge "by Task" and "by Repository". (You now select the type from the find dialog same as the other "Finds")
  •   Keep track of last 'type' selected for each Find so that when find is called again, that 'type' will be selected by default in the drop down list.
  •  Update to Norwegian Translations

Version 4.02 - October 2, 2010

  •  Fixed a bug in the registration/unlock routine that was incorrectly indicating user was 'unregistered'.
  •  Allow "Check for Update" even if program is unregistered.

Version 4.01 - September 25, 2010

  •  Added "History" buttons to 3-gen Icon Bar since menu no longer has those buttons.  (Applicable to all but Pocket PC 2003 which still has the old style menu)
  •  Added ability to select 'default' sort/display on Individual view if Individual view is the default view at program start.   (See "View" tab under "Configuration")
  •  Support for Windows CE 5 and 6 devices.  (Netbook style for example)  You may find that images won't display (thumbnails or otherwise) and that the 'external viewer' must be used to view.   (Tap on 'JPEG' Icon to invoke external viewer)
  •   Menu changes so that CE 5 and 6 "Core" devices (Netbook style) have the "Toggle 3-gen Icon Bar" option and "Manual Sync" option.
  •  On repository list, double tapping item in list will invoke 'edit'.
  •  All thumbnails in program now allow tapping image to display full screen.
  •  Added thumbnail display for source/citation tabs.
  • On GEDCOM import, cause of death can now be contained across multiple lines in the GEDCOM file.  (up to 255 characters)
  • and Family Tree Maker 2011 GEDCOM profiles added.
  •  The changes report now shows the type of individual or family note.  (mostly used with Legacy Family Tree imports)
  •  Danish Update
  •   Miscellaneous bug fixes and minor enhancements

Version 4.00 - August 8, 2010

NOTE: Version 4 will not read (or even "see") Version 3 databases.   Version 4 will also not uninstall Version 3, both versions can be installed at the same time.

  •   Support for Capacitive Touch devices. (Devices that use your finger instead of a stylus)
  •  Multimedia importation enhanced to support PDF files. (Selectable via the "Customize" screen during importation)
  •  Added new 3-generation view which displays preferred image thumbnails. Most other multimedia screens now also have thumbnail display.
  •  Added new "Changes Report" which displays changes made on the device for use in transferring the information to your desktop program for those not comfortable with the more automated methods. (Such as GEDCOM merging)
  •  Moved some features previously only available with "Advanced" into the "Basic" version. This includes the relationship calculator, GPS support, 255 generations with tree views, storage card formatting, device resetting, database backup and restore and multimedia support.
  •  "Check for Update" now has the ability to download and install newer versions. Also added a new "Re-install" on the "Tools" display to allow re-installation to device.
  •  Enhanced support for Direct RootsMagic 4 imports, Family Historian V4 imports and FTM 2010 GEDCOM imports.
  •  Dropped support for older devices and optimized program code to eliminate functionality no longer needed with newer devices.  (Now only supports PocketPC 2003, Windows Mobile 5 and 6)
  •  The Desktop side of Pocket Genealogist is no longer dependant on Microsoft Jet (Access) for the creation of Pocket Genealogist databases. (Jet is still used for "Direct" Legacy and Genbox imports though)
  •  Miscellaneous bug fixes and minor enhancements

Version 3.48 - February 28, 2012

  •  Support for direct imports of Legacy through (but not including)

Version 3.47 - September 2, 2011

  •  Support for the 'mtDNA' version of Legacy 7 (Although the mtDNA records are ignored and not transferred to device)

Version 3.46 - September 25, 2010

  •  Added FTM 2011 and GEDCOM Profiles
  •  Fixed title to properly show the name of the individual or family when displaying To Do tabs.
  •  Fixed program termination when pressing media button for an witnessed event.  (TMG Imports for example)
  •  Double tap on repository name in list will invoke edit same as using the edit button.
  •  Fixed the display (preview) of the To Do note on the Individual or Family To Do tab.
  •  Changed URL's in program to match changes made to website.
  •  GEDCOM import now supports multi-line Cause of Death field.

Version 3.45 - July 6, 2010

  •  Added FTM 2010 GEDCOM Profile
  •   Initial support for devices with a resolution of 320x480 pixels.
  •  Fix to screen display when soft keyboard is raised/lowered on Windows Mobile 6.5.3 devices.
  •  Fix to "married name" processing on device (applicable to Legacy imports) which was causing an "Error -1" message to be displayed in certain circumstances.  (The "Error -1" was not causing any actual problem other than the annoyance of the pop up message)

Version 3.44 - April 6, 2010

  •  Desktop/Device: Changes to URLs used in program to correspond with changes to website.
  •  Desktop: Fixed issue where notes greater than 31983 characters in size may have been imported incorrectly.
  •  Device: Changes to better support Windows Mobile 6.5.3
  •  Desktop: Changes to better support Windows Vista 64-bit
  •  Desktop: Changes to better support Windows 7
  •  Desktop/Device: Swedish Language Update

Version 3.43 - February 20, 2010

  •  Desktop/Device: (Advanced)  Support for Legacy direct imports.
  •  Norwegian Language Update

Version 3.42 - February 4, 2010

  •  Desktop/Device: (Advanced)  Support for Legacy 7.4 direct imports.
  •  Device: The 'Edit', 'View' menu will now show a check mark next to the view that is currently selected.
  •  Device: (Advanced) Better error checking when using the "External Viewer" with images.
  •  Desktop/Device: (Advanced) With multimedia imports, you can now select if you want images transferred or not.  (So you can get all multimedia references, but not the images if you choose)
  •  Desktop/Device: Norwegian and Danish language updated.

Version 3.41 - August 29, 2009

  •   Desktop: (Advanced)  Update to the image libraries used for converting images for use on the device.
  •   Desktop: (Advanced)  Fix to the routine that removes format codes from notes for TMG direct imports.   (Symptoms included program hang or program termination)

Version 3.40 - July 11, 2009

  •  Device/Desktop:  Pocket Genealogist is now fully UNICODE compliant.  (It can still import ANSI, ANSEL, UTF-8 or UNICODE, but internally everything is now UNICODE)  Unicode provides much better support for International character sets.
  •  Device/Desktop:  Support for Legacy Version   This version of Legacy has database changes so you will need to re-import your Pocket Genealogist databases.
  •  Desktop:  Support for Family Historian V4.
  •  Desktop:  On GEDCOM export, ANSI, UTF-8 or UNICODE can now be selected as the 'encoding' type.
  •  Desktop:  Changes to PAF/FTM Add-on (especially for FTM 2008 and 2009) to take extra measures to ensure that all individuals are imported.
  •  Desktop:  Windows 98 and ME no longer supported.
  •  Device:  Support for devices with screen resolution of 400x240.
  •  Device/Desktop:  Update to most language translations.
  •  Desktop:  The Backup feature for 2-way Legacy syncing will now default to the location of the Legacy database if no backup path is found in the Legacy configuration file.
  •  Desktop:  Support for "Between" dates for FTM 2008/2009 Add-on Imports.
  •  Desktop:  Fixed Direct Ancestral Quest imports to support 'relative' paths for multimedia files.
  •  Device:  Changed label on To Do screen from "Date" to "Due Date" for FTM imports.
  •  Device:  Fix to Individual "Main" tab for Smartphones with 320x320 screens. (Display and edit of Given and Surname)
  •  Desktop:  Fix to Legacy 2 way sync as it would re-sync images that didn't need to be synced. (Wasn't causing any harm, but was unnecessary)
  •  Desktop:  Fix to desktop sync screen to properly display memory / storage card locations available for syncing on device. (Was not working with 64-bit Vista)
  •  Device:  Disallow editing or deletion of To Do's for FTM Add-on import.

Version 3.32 - March 27, 2009

  •  Device/Desktop:  Support for RootsMagic 4. ('Direct' import requires Pocket Genealogist 'Advanced')
  •  Desktop:  New GenBridge module which greatly improves the FTM 2008 and 2009 imports with the PAF/FTM Add-on. (Note that large FTM 2009 databases can be significantly slower than older versions of FTM)
  •  Desktop:  Added support for Multimedia imports for FTM 2006 and older with the PAF/FTM Add-on.  (Multimedia support requires 'Advanced' version of Pocket Genealogist)
  •  Desktop:  Added a new 'Check for Update' option which can be used to check the NHS website for program updates.
  •  Device:  Change to the installing on the device in support of Windows Mobile 6.1.4. (Program files are now stored in a different location on device)
  •  Device:  Better support for devices with 800x480 screens.
  •  Device:  Added 'External Viewer' menu option to the 'Object' tab for Multimedia. This will allow the display of the current image in the Windows Mobile Picture viewer. (If 'BMP' option is selected, must be Windows Mobile 5 or higher)  Multimedia requires Pocket Genealogist 'Advanced'.
  •  Desktop:  Added 'Small', 'Medium' and 'Large' option (on Advanced Options screen) for sizing images sent to the device. 'Small' is the default.  Multimedia requires Pocket Genealogist 'Advanced'.
  •  Device:  Removal of the 'Stretch' checkbox from the PocketPC screens (to save space) and adjustments to dialog to increase picture viewing area.  Multimedia requires Pocket Genealogist 'Advanced'.
  •  Device:  Added menu option "Ignore Rel. to Parent" with the relationship calculator. When used, this will ignore the "Relationship to Parent" status's such as "Adopted".  The relationship calculator requires Pocket Genealogist 'Advanced'
  •  Desktop:  Added a 'splitter' bar between the database area and the log window on the main desktop screen so you can choose how much space is dedicated to each area.
  •  Desktop:  For most 'listviews', a sort indicator is now added to the column header indicating the direction of the sort when you click on a column.
  •  Desktop:  Removed support for "Direct" imports of The Master Genealogist Version 4.
  •  Desktop:  Reorganized the 'Advanced Options' dialog on the desktop.
  •  Desktop:  Fix to Media and Language sync screens on desktop as they weren't properly setting language translations for the buttons.
  •  Desktop:  Better support for Windows Vista when re-sizing desktop windows in Pocket Genealogist.
  •  Desktop:  Change to the Legacy 2-way processing of new names added on the device. (Previously could add a prefix or suffix in Legacy with a single space, this didn't cause any problems other than the Legacy "Check/Repair" would complain about it)
  •  Desktop:  Fix to GEDCOM import to eliminate buffer overflow (program termination) when importing a GEDCOM created on a Macintosh.
  •  Desktop:  Fix to GEDCOM and PAF Add-on import to allow media filenames with diacritic characters.
  •  Device/Desktop:  Update to French, Norwegian and Swedish translations.

Version 3.31 - December 6, 2008

  • Device/Desktop:  Support for Legacy Version  You must re-import/sync your Legacy databases.
  • Desktop:  Support for Family Tree Maker 2009.
  • Desktop:  Better support for image imports with GEDCOM's created with DISGEN 8.
  • Device/Desktop:  Update to Norwegian and Swedish language translations.

Version 3.30 - September 26, 2008

Warning: Database Layout changes, all databases must be re-imported.

  • Device/Desktop:  Added Multimedia support for all imports with the "Advanced" version of Pocket Genealogist.  (Only Photos/Images get transferred to the device)  
    • With the PAF/FTM add-on, only PAF and FTM 2008 support multimedia.
    • Media objects on device are view only.
  • Device: Added "Multimedia" as a new "Find" type.  Multimedia objects can be selected based on title, caption, description or Note.
  • Device/Desktop: Changes to the database which can greatly reduce the size on Windows Mobile 5 and newer devices.

Minor Changes and Bug Fixes

  • Device/Desktop: "Direct" import support for the latest version 7 release of Legacy Family Tree.  (7F)
  • Device: The Backup and Restore database feature with the "Advanced" version of Pocket Genealogist now has a “progress bar” to show the progress of the operation.
  • Device: Added "GPS" to the menu when Editing Notes, Locations, Addresses and Repositories.   (Otherwise non-touchscreen Smartphones could not access the GPS since they do not have "buttons")
  • Desktop: PAF import using the Add-on will now sort children by date of birth.
  • Desktop: When re-importing/syncing your database, it will put the new database at the same location as the old database (on the device) unless "Synchronize to location with most space" is selected.
  • Device: Changes to the "Backup", "Restore" and "Find by" screens as the data fields were "crowding" the left side of the screen.
  • Device: Change to the Uninstall Messages on the device to clarify what gets deleted if you select "Yes" to the prompts.
  • Desktop: Change to the FTM 2008 "Direct" import (PAF/FTM Add-on) to handle the situation where GenBridge can return "no more individuals" when there are actually more.
  • Desktop: Fix to UNICODE and UTF-8 GEDCOM imports.  (Version 3.21 broke the ability to import UNICODE and UTF-8 GEDCOM's)
  • Desktop: Fix to the Genbox import to eliminate a couple of error messages that could be displayed during import.  (They were false errors)
  • Desktop: Fix to GEDCOM Latitude/Longitude processing... it would sometimes discard values thinking they were invalid.
  • Desktop: Initial GenoPro GEDCOM Profile to eliminate some warnings that occur when the default "GEDCOM 5.5" profile is used.
  • Device/Desktop:  Update to French, Danish, Norwegian and Swedish translations.

Version 3.21 - June 14, 2008

PocketPC (All) download

  •  Device/Desktop: Fix to "Direct" RootsMagic import and display of birth/death dates on 3-gen and other views.  (this error was introduced with 3.20)
  •  Desktop: Initial support for "PhpGedView" GEDCOM Import profile.  
  •  Device: Support for Smartphones (non-touchscreen) with 320x320, 400x240 and 440x240 screens.  Also PocketPC's or Smartphones (touchscreen) with 240x400 and 480x800 screens.   Pocket Genealogist is not yet "optimized" for these resolutions (There will be wasted space on the screens), but the program will run.  We will add better support on request.
  •  Desktop: Change to GEDCOM import to work with GEDCOM files that have inconsistent line end sequences.  (Rare Situation, this has only been reported a half dozen times over the last 9 years)
  •  Device/Desktop: Danish and Portuguese update.

Version 3.20 - June 1, 2008

Warning: Database Layout changes, all databases must be re-imported.

  •  Device/Desktop: Support for Legacy Family Tree Version 7
    •  "Direct" imports for Legacy V4 have been discontinued.
    •  Reworked "Customize" screen on import to better support those installations that use more than one version of Legacy.
    •   Added "Events" to the "Notes" section for the Legacy Customize dialog.  (This allows you to turn off importing of event notes if necessary)
    •  2-way synchronization option now selectable from the "Customize" screen to allow selection or deselection as the default.
  •  Device/Desktop: Support for The Master Genealogist Version 7
    • Support for TMG 7.01 HVR3 field with mtDNA
  •  Device/Desktop: Support for FTM 2008 via GEDCOM import or "Direct" using optional PAF/FTM add-on.
    •   PAF/FTM Add-on needs to be re-installed
    •  Fact/Name Notes not yet supported with PAF/FTM Add-on import.
  •   Device/Desktop: Support for Ancestral Quest 12 Build 12
    •   Support for Phonetic and Romanized Names
    •  Fixed issue where source type list could be incomplete on direct AQ imports.
  •  Device: Reworked the "Name" tab and added "Custom" name fields (AKA, Married Name, Phonetic Name, Romanized Name, etc.) in support of PAF, AQ, Progen and Family Historian.   "Nickname" added as separate field.
  •  Device: Increased the width of the drop down lists on the Name and Event tabs.
  •  Device: DNA screens completely reworked to add better support for AQ, TMG and Legacy including support for mtDNA.
  •  Device: "Find by" dialog reworked for PocketPC's.
  •  Device: Changed the "Find by" dialog, Names tab and Individual View to use new "markers" to tell if the name is an AKA, Alias or Legacy Married name.  It now uses ~ for AKA's/Aliases and § for Married Name.
  •  Device: Relationship calculator changed to display list of individuals that are the ancestors/descendants between the two selected people.
  •   Desktop: Reworked the Create list and find list on the desktop.  (Added Version and Size columns, allow sorting by columns and double clicking to select among other changes)
  •  Desktop: The "Data Entry may be very slow for Storage Card" message now allows for "Don't show this prompt again".
  •  Device: Added support for selecting font size for non-touchscreen smartphones.   (Same as other devices now)
  •  Desktop: Added new option on "Advanced" options screen - "Synchronize to location with most free space".  With initial sync of a database, the location (memory, file store or storage card) with the most space will be selected as the target of the sync.   (Which can be overridden)
  •  Desktop: Automatically try the "Use TCP/IP" option if synchronization fails without it.  (And turn it on automatically if it works)
  •  Device: Support for 480x272 screen resolution devices.  (Widescreen GPS devices for example)
  •  Device: Support for 320x320 screen resolution devices.
  •  Device: Support for 176x220 smartphones (Windows Mobile 5 and higher)
  •  Desktop: The installer will now warn user if database layout changes have occurred with the new install.
  •  Desktop: Fix for 2-way Legacy Synchronizations.   (It could terminate the 2-way Sync under rare situations thinking that changes occurred both on the desktop and device)
  •  Desktop: Fix to GEDCOM imports for PAF (When "Divorced" flag is set)

Version 3.11 - September 30th, 2007

PocketPC (All) download

  •  Initial support for Family Tree Maker 2008 imports (using GEDCOM).   The PAF/FTM add-on does not yet work with FTM 2008 but Wholly Genes Software is working on adding support.
  •  Ancestor and Descendant Tree Views now work better with regards to adding individuals to the "History List".
  •  Ancestor and Descendant Tree View buttons will "highlight" depending on which view is selected. (button will have a yellow background when "highlighted")  This helps determine which tree view is in use.
  •  Fix to "Find by Relationship" button and the Relationship calculator so that it honors what is selected on the 3-gen, Individual or Tree views.
  •  Family Historian: Fix to GEDCOM export for Research List notes.
  •  Fix to relationship calculator to process a full 10 generations.  (Was only going out 9 generations)
  •  Change to 3-gen screen to show the complete given name IF 2 line display.  (Name on one line, dates on another... for example PocketPC Landscape mode)
  •  Smartphones: Fix to Individual and Tree Views to work properly when switching to another program and back to Pocket Genealogist.
  •  Smartphones: Fix to properly translate menu for tree views.
  •  Smartphones: Change to allow "back" button to operate as a "backspace" when on an edit field.  (Motorola Q for example does not have a backspace button)
  •  Allow install on Windows 98 and ME, but no guarantee Pocket Genealogist will work properly on those systems.
  •  30 Day trial now more strongly enforced.

Version 3.10 - July 1st, 2007

  •  Added Smartphone (non-touchscreen) support.  Windows Mobile 5 or 6 only with devices that have 240x320 or 320x240 screens.  (should be all Windows Mobile 5 and 6 devices)
  •  Much better support for the use of PocketPC's without a stylus.
    1) Menu's at the bottom of each screen to perform actions that previously required a stylus.
    2) Support for Windows Mobile 5 and 6 "soft key" hardware buttons for use with the new menus.
    3) Much better support of the 5-way Directional Pad button.  (D-Pad)
  •  Better Windows Mobile 6 support... 320x320 and 480x800 screens support.
  •  Major redesign of the Event, "Edit Date", Research List, Notes, and Relationships (TMG only) screens on the device to simplify and clarify use.  Minor changes to many other screens and changes for "Square Screen" and PocketPC Landscape devices for better display of the data.
  •  The Date Calculator now allows you to determine number of years, months and days between two dates.  You also can still calculate a 2nd date from a 1st date with the addition/subtraction of years, months and days.
  •  Reworked "Language Pack" support, Languages are no longer a separate install.   Use the "Advanced", "Options" screen to select which languages get installed to the device.  Danish, Dutch, Norwegian, Portuguese and Swedish updated.    Reworked how translations work with the imports and you may find that you don't have as complete of a translation as with the older versions.  (for data related items such as event types)  Please contact Northern Hills Software with your language and type of import so we can define the proper configuration files for that combination.

Minor Changes and Bug Fixes

  •  Desktop: Change Family Historian V3 imports to allow secondary names and added support for the _PEDI tag.  (Requires re-import or your database)
  •  Desktop: Ancestral Quest 12 "Direct" import changes to better support variations in the AQ database.
  •  Desktop: On desktop if you enter a V2 registration code, it will give them a message about upgrading from V2 to V3.
  •  Desktop: Database creation now properly prompts for "Search for files/databases" if the default location has no matches.
  •  Desktop: Disable "Orphans" button if ActiveSync (or Windows Mobile Device Center on Windows Vista) is not installed. 
  •  Device: Change to how the cursor is set on edit fields if "End of Text" is selected.  (old method did not work consistently)
  •  Desktop/Device: Fix to GEDCOM imports to properly set the birth/death date used for display on the 3-gen screen when more than one birth or death event for an individual.   (Requires re-import)
  •  Device: New "prompt" when adding Field Note Category.
  •  Device:  "Continue Searching?" prompt when doing a "Find by" now occurs less often.  (It still can be turned off from the "prompts" configuration screen.
  •  Device: Fixed GPS tab (config) to allow use of the "Test GPS" button when database is locked or no database opened.

Version 3.04 - February 22nd, 2007

PocketPC (All) download

  • Device: Fixed display of Event Notes and other items that either would appear to not work or would cause a "termination" message.  (Depending on your version of your devices operating system)
  • Desktop: Windows Vista Only: Some people were getting program terminations at the end of database synchronization.

Version 3.03 - January 29th, 2007

  • Desktop: Support for Windows Vista.  (Older versions of Pocket Genealogist also work except they will refer to "ActiveSync", now called "Windows Mobile Device Center" under Vista)
  • Desktop: The new "minimum" screen resolution requirement for Pocket Genealogist is 800 x 600.  Also made changes to some of the screens to be more consistent.  (About, Register, Unregistered, etc.)  The bigger screen sizes helped un-clutter some screens.
  • Desktop: Removed the "# of Individuals Warning" option for imports.
  • Device: "Misc" color tab changed from "Edit" and "Non-Edit" to "Data" and "Changed Data".   When you change information on the device, the changed data will reflect the color selected for this option.  (Also works with the "Changes Report" which is still under development.  Use the "Public Beta" if you wish to try the "Changes Report")
  • Device: Added the synchronization of Pocket Genealogist device configuration values to the desktop which will allow restoration if the device incurs a hard rest.  (Such as colors)
  • Device: When "Linking a new spouse", added the ability to "Cancel".
  • Device: Added COM port 0 as valid GPS port.
  • Device: Added a "Test" button to the GPS Tab.
  • Device: Fix to properly display the Custom name fields (Nickname, AKA, Married Name, etc.).
  • Device: Fixed list coloring on Sources tab
  • Aldfaer: Changes to better support Aldfaer 3.4.1
  • Ancestral Quest: Fixed import of Citations for Secondary events.  (was previously ignoring secondary event citations)
  • Ancestral Quest: Support for Version 12.
  • Family Historian: Fix to import when a lot of entries exist for a named list.  (could cause program termination)
  • FTM: Fix to PAF/FTM Add-on to better support Citations and Sources for FTM 2005 and newer.
  • Genbox: Added proper import of Compiler information for direct imports.
  • Legacy: Fix to 2-way syncing and the "Preferred Spouse" setting for an individual when adding new parents to an individual.   You may wish to do a "Check/Repair" in Legacy to make sure that the preferred setting is set correctly, but first do a sync to make sure the device changes have been updated back into Legacy.  After the Check/Repair, do another sync to send any changes to the device.  (You may wish to re-import your data to the device if there are other changes/fixes are found during the "Check/Repair")
  • Legacy: Removed "labels/statuses" as a selection option for direct imports, they will now always be included.
  • RootsMagic: When Foxpro drivers are missing (IM002 error), the import will now display the proper "Web link" screen to help with problem resolution.
  • TMG: Better support for direct imports if "Alternate Names" is NOT selected.  (You will no longer have unused given and surname values in the "Find by" list)
  • TMG: Added proper import of Compiler information for direct imports.
  • Dutch, French, Norwegian and Portuguese translation updates.

Version 3.02 - August 2, 2006

  • Added GPS support for all Windows Mobile Versions.
  • The main desktop Pocket Genealogist database list and the "Create" file list can now be sorted.
  • Additional Language translations and International support for device uninstall.
  • Fix to Genbox "To Do" screen.
  • Fixed "Tag" options for Legacy import.  ("Individual" and "Family" were reversed in the list)

Version 3.01 - July 8, 2006

  • Support for Genbox Version 3.6.5
  • Changed the Citation and Source tab for TMG imports to resize the "Note" field to better utilize screen space.

  • FIX: Genbox import could duplicate spouses under rare circumstances.
  • FIX: 3-gen "Switch to View" button found on the To Do "Reference" tab wasn't properly displayed.

  • FIX: In rare situations, the Pocket Genealogist desktop window would be displayed off screen making it appear like Pocket Genealogist was not running or was hung.

  • FIX: Under low memory conditions on the device, synchronizing to a storage card could cause a "RC=2" failure.

Version 3.00 - July 1, 2006

NOTE: Version 3 will not read (or even "see") Version 2 databases.   Version 3 will also not uninstall Version 2, both versions can be installed at the same time.

New Features

  • ADVANCED: Added a relationship calculator that can determine the relationship between two individuals.  (Currently limited to 10 generations and does not support step/half relationships.)
  • ADVANCED: Added GPS support (Windows Mobile 5 only) - ability to retrieve current coordinates for Addresses/Repositories/Locations (if your desktop program supports coordinates at those levels.)  Allows retrieval of coordinates into a note (all imports).   Besides a Windows Mobile 5 device, this feature also requires a GPS unit that works with the device.
  • BASIC, ADVANCED: Added a new “Add Person” dialog which makes it much easier to add spouses, parents, siblings and children.
  • BASIC, ADVANCED: Added the ability to change the font size for all devices (previously only on VGA capable Pocket PCs).   You can also now select a different font size for the 3-gen display, the Tree Views, Lists and Edit Fields.
  • BASIC, ADVANCED: Added the new “Individual View”.   (Supplements the tree views and the 3-gen screen)

Note: This view will be slow for medium to large databases and therefore is suitable for small databases only.

  • BASIC, ADVANCED: Created a "Research Lists" feature.   Research lists can be used to group Individuals, Families, Sources or Repositories into a list of your choosing.  (Such as “Further Research” or “Bookmark” or “To Do”).   This is similar to “Named Lists” in Family Historian.  Similar to “Field Notes”, the information added to the Research Lists is not eligible for GEDCOM export.  (Except for Family Historian)
  • ALL: Complete redesign of the desktop Pocket Genealogist program with emphasis on ease of use for novice users.  The main screen now shows all databases you have created and allows you to select one from the list to do imports/exports/synchronizations, etc.
  • ALL: Better support for Windows Mobile 5 devices.
  • ALL: Field Note "Printing" now supports the creation of a CSV File.
  • ADVANCED: Added "Soft" and "Hard" reset commands.   (Not supported by all devices, depends on manufacturer implementation of Windows Mobile)
  • ADVANCED: Added "Format" command for storage cards.   (Not supported by all devices, depends on manufacturer implementation of Windows Mobile)

Other Changes and Fixes

  • Change to the Keypad on the "Find By" screen to allow selection of alternate character sets.  (Greek for Example)   Added Scandinavian characters to the "Alt" screen so all languages can search using those values.
  • Database changes to improve performance and functionality.  (Birth/Death information now stored in a manner to improve performance of the “View” screens)
  • Added new "Remove Format Codes" option on the "Edit", "Configuration", "Edit" tab.   This is currently only applicable to Legacy Version 6 and if turned on will remove the format codes (Bold, Italic, Underline and Superscript) from Notes, Event Notes, and Source and Citation fields.  It will also set that field to Read-only if this option is turned on.   This is a compromise to better display those fields until full text formatting can be supported.
  • Better Family Historian Support:
    • Ability to source the Place field for Family Historian Events.
    • Named Lists (although changes made on the device are not yet available for export back to GEDCOM)
    • Better Address/Repository support
    • Better support of non-standard (Freeform) dates
    • Better support for the LDS Status field
    • Support for Event “Sentence”.
    • Better Child Status support.
    • Support for 2nd place field for Emigration/Immigration.
    • Support for Flags.
  • Better Progen support.   Address, Info and Text fields now properly supported.  The “custom” event fields “Church”, “Religion”, “Time” and “Witness” now supported.
  • Added "Last Edit Date" to Individual and Family screens ("Main" tab)... only displayed if database is "Locked (View Only)" and the import supports this type of date.
  • Better support of To Do’s.   (Imports that allow you to reference the same To Do for more than one individual such as TMG and Ancestral Quest no longer duplicate the To Do on the device – new “References” tab on the To Do display shows these references.)  Added a new "Find", "To Do", "by Repository".   You can view all To Do's on the device by using the "Find", "To Do", "by Task".
  • For Pre-Windows Mobile 5 devices, ‘Memory (Object Store)’ is now the default synchronization type.  This provides the fastest and smallest database format.   If you wish to make “Memory (Mounted)” the default, you can set that under the “Advanced” tab under “Options” in Pocket Genealogist on the desktop.   Windows Mobile 5 devices don’t natively support Object Store databases so the only option is “Memory” (and storage cards if you have any available).
  • Fix to FTM import to only mark ONE primary event as preferred and also fixes import termination when there are more than one death event along with a "Cause of Death".
  • Fixes to Address screen for VGA devices. (Both Portrait and Landscape).
  • Simplified 2-way Legacy synchronizations by removing “Merge All” screen.
  •  “Go To” ID/RIN screens now changed to allow switching between ID and (M)RIN from the screen.
  • Changes to database to decrease size (About 1MB for Windows Mobile 2003 and earlier and 250KB for Windows Mobile 5)
  • Fixed the output of Calculated dates to GEDCOM.
  • Fixed the output of double dates to GEDCOM.
  • Fixed import of RootsMagic "Last Work Date" and "Completed" date for To Do's.  (And both dates are now shown on the "main" to do screen.)
  • You can now edit the names for the 2 individuals listed on the “Main” Family tab.
  • The "Search for Baptism" and "Search for Alt. Marriage" options removed from device and are now the default.    (And made some fixes so that Heredis "Religious Marriage" events are eligible for date display on the 3-gen and tree views.)    Not all imports use Baptism dates (for date display on 3-gen)  if Birth and Christening are missing.
  • Fixed PAF Add-on import and the use of Scandinavian characters with the "Find by" lists.
  • With import customization, added a warning message when "Primary Events Only" is selected.
  • FTM 2006 GEDCOM imports now put "Source Quality" and "Comment" source fields on the "Custom Source" tab.
  • For Note and text fields, if database is locked the SIP (keypad) will be lowered to show more of the data.
  • Don't allow addition of new note "part" if database is locked or unregistered.
  • Hide button "1" on the note screen if ONLY one note part.   (Helps "de-clutter" the screen.)
  • When adding a new event and the event list is shown, the primary events (Birth, Christening, Marriage, Death and Burial) will be displayed at the top of the list for ease of selection.  The rest of the list will be sorted by event name.
  •  “LDS” tab will now be displayed/hidden for 2-way Legacy synchronizations based on value set in Legacy.
  • New "Tabs" on the details screen on the device... "Names" (for Individual), "Identifiers" (Individual and Family) and "Relationships" (TMG Individual only)

Version 2.97 - May 13, 2006

PocketPC (All) download
  H/PC 2000 download
  H/PC Pro download

WARNING: Your database will need to be re-created as this version will not read the older databases.   If you are doing 2-way synchronizations with Legacy Family Tree, do a sync BEFORE installing this release.   If you are making changes on the device with any other import type, do a sync and export to GEDCOM before installing this release.

Legacy Family Tree Changes

  • Support for the upcoming Legacy V6 update.  (new DNA processing, "European" style address format used for printing in Legacy, and a new sort date algorithm)   You will also need to re-import your databases when you install the new Legacy update when it becomes available.

Family Historian Changes

  • Support for Family Historian Version 3 (Flags, Better support for Addresses, Repositories and LDS Status's)

  • Family Historian "Freeform" (non-standard) dates now work better. (Requires re-import of FH databases)

RootsMagic Changes

  • Fix to RootsMagic To Do's to properly populate Last Work Date and Completed Date (They were reversed) (Requires re-import of RootsMagic databases)

FTM/PAF Add-on Changes

  • Fix to PAF Add-on import when 1st character of Surname, Given or Location is a Scandinavian character. (diacritic)     Prior to change the "Find by" functions on the device was not properly finding those values.

  • New GenBridge module with support for multiple parents with FTM.   (However, this version does not properly handle Source Citations with FTM 2006)

GEDCOM Changes

  • Fixed GEDCOM import of Repository Notes.  (Under certain circumstances it would discard the note)

  • Fixed GEDCOM output of Calculated Dates

  • Fixed GEDCOM output of Double Dates

Windows Mobile 5 Changes

  • "Memory (Object Store)" no longer allowed on Windows Mobile 5 devices.  (The drop down "target" list on the synchronization screen will now just list it as "Memory")

  • On Windows Mobile 5 devices, especially phone edition devices, a new ActiveSync "Security Policy" change could disallow Pocket Genealogist synchronizations.   During install you will be prompted to allow the installer to change the policy.   If you decline, you will likely need to turn on the "Use TCP/IP" option under "Options", "Advanced".


Version 2.96.17 - February 16, 2006

PocketPC (All) download

Legacy Family Tree Changes

  • Support for "British Quarter Dates" introduced with Legacy (You must re-import your database to take advantage of these types of dates)

Genbox Changes

  • Support for Genbox 3.6.2 and 3.6.3

FTM / PAF Add-on Changes

  • Change to FTM Add-on import to fix an issue of incorrectly generating citations at the individual level.  (Which do not exist or are displayed on the device... it was however creating additional citations which increased the size of the database)

Ancestral Quest Changes

  • Support for "Collaborative" databases.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Fix to display of "principals" for "child" based events such as Sealed to Parents.

Version 2.96.8 - November 15, 2005


Windows Mobile 5 Changes

  • Some changes to better support Windows Mobile 5 devices especially on VGA devices.

  • Change to make "Object Store" the default type of database during synchronization.  (Mounted can be selected as the default from the Advanced Options screen)   Object Store databases are faster and require less space and work better with Windows Mobile 5 devices.

Family Historian Changes

  • Added ability to source the Place field for events.

FTM / PAF Add-on Changes

  • Changed PAF/FTM Add-on import to set the living/dead flag based on presence of a burial or death event.

  • Fix to FTM Add-on import to properly mark only ONE primary event (of a single type such as Birth) as preferred.  Also fixed an issue where the import could terminate if there was more than one death event for an individual AND a cause of death was supplied.

Genbox Changes

  • Support for Genbox 3.6.1

Legacy Changes

  • Added "Hide Format Codes" option ("Edit", "Configuration", "Edit" tab) which if turned on will remove the format codes (Bold, Italic, Underline, Superscript) from the notes when displayed.   Currently applicable for Legacy V6 ("Direct") only.

  • When adding a child to an individual with no spouses, you will be prompted if you wish to create a family record in order to add the child.   A fix was made to make the new "unknown" spouse the "preferred" spouse so that the child will be properly displayed in Legacy when doing a 2-way sync.

  • Fix to Legacy V5 2-way synchronizing (error introduced in 2.96 - would cause 2-way sync to terminate with "Changes found in Legacy" message - no data was harmed though)

  • Change to Surname and Given name process which will allow duplicate names if the case is "mixed".  (For example, SMITH and Smith will be 2 different surnames)  This is applicable to all imports but originally changed to better support Legacy Family Tree "Direct" imports.

RootsMagic Changes

  • Changed the RootsMagic profile to export notes in the proper format for RootsMagic.  (Break lines within a word instead of between words)

Version 2.96 - September 8, 2005

  • Support for Family Tree Maker 2006

  • Support for Legacy Version 6

  • Support for Rootsmagic Version 3

  • Support for DNA information for TMG 6 and Legacy 6 "direct" imports.

  • Fix to PAF/FTM Add-on import that would, under certain circumstances, list a persons spouse as a sibling in the child list.

  • Fix to RootsMagic GEDCOM import (Family To Do's) and RootsMagic Export (Multi-line street addresses)

Version 2.95 - July 21, 2005

  • New Genbridge module which now includes relationship information with FTM imports

  • Support for Genbox 3.5.0

  • Sealed to Parents now properly handled with PAF 5 GEDCOM imports

  • "Find by Location" screen now allows edit/view of details from the "Results" list.

Version 2.94.4 - June 1, 2005

  • Fixed date sorting routine.   (Wasn't properly sorting children list and event list for those imports that sort those lists by date)

Version 2.94.2 and 2.94.3 - May 30, 2005

  • Support for TMG 6.01

  • Support for June 2005 release of Legacy Family Tree

  • Change to PAF Add-on import to sort children in order returned from GenBridge.  (instead of by Birth Date)

  • Change to Surname processing for TMG "Direct" imports to properly handle Pre-Surnames.

  • Support for Windows Mobile 5  (no devices currently ship with this version)

Version 2.94.1 - May 11, 2005

  • Italian translation

  • Update to the German translation.

  • Fix to HPC/2000 language installs

  • Fix to Genbox location import (for events) to include the "At" (Local Site) level

  • Fix to "Sort Only" dates for Genbox

  • Added "Uppercase Surname" option for Direct RootsMagic imports.

  • Support for the new 240 x 240 screen resolution devices.

  • PocketPC Landscape (320 x 240) Event tab now shows full screen list.  (And "Edit/Open" button)

  • Moved the coordinates info from the "Misc" configuration tab to a new "GPS" tab.

Version 2.94 - April 16, 2005

Miscellaneous Changes

  • New installation program (Languages now included as part of base install)

  • Added "Priority" field to "Find by To Do" list.
  • On device, "tapping" on the citation entry on the source tab will now invoke the view/edit screen for that citation.
  • Fix to Field Notes report processing.
  • Other miscellaneous fixes

TMG Changes

  • TMG Import now "Directly" reads data from the Projects.  (Version 5 and 6 - Version 4 databases imported using GenBridge)  New features in "Direct" import include:

  • Ability to select which "Custom Flags" are imported

  • All sources imported including non-cited

  • Source Type and Source Element names imported

  • Support for Citation and Witness Memo's (Version 6)

  • Source and Citation screens on device changed to better support TMG sources.

Genbox Changes

  • Added "Direct" import for Genbox.

  • Genbox GEDCOM - support for sourcing of Event Dates or Places.  (Or general event as before)

  • Children are now properly sorted in the ancestor and descendant trees.

Ancestral Quest Changes

  • Fix to Ancestral Quest "Direct" import when individual has "Sealed to Parents" ordinance but no parents attached.

PAF/FTM Add-on Changes

  • Fix to import to properly handle large Individual Notes.

  • Fix to import to fix situation where children could be duplicated for the same set of parents. 

  • Change to FTM Add-on import to properly handle "preferred" spouses.

  • Change to FTM Add-on import to properly sort children.

  • Fix to FTM Add-on import to properly associate siblings that have no parents

  • Fix to FTM Add-on import to properly handle Individual User Reference field.

RootsMagic Changes

  • Children are now properly sorted in the ancestor and descendant trees.

GEDCOM import Changes

  • Added profile for Family Tree Legends and program changes to better support that import.

  • Better support for imports from "Relatively Yours"

  • Import will now continue even if "Bad" lines of data are found in the GEDCOM.

  • Added support for Source "Type" for Family Historian imports

  • Children are now properly sorted in the ancestor and descendant trees.

Version 2.93 - January 27, 2005

  • "Direct" import of Ancestral Quest databases with "Advanced" version.
  • Better support for TMG, FTM, and PAF Add-on imports.
  • Enhancements to RootsMagic direct import.
  • Enhancements for H/PC devices.  (to closer match PocketPC features)
  • Enhancements to better support PocketPC VGA devices.
  • Synchronization now uses ActiveSync as the default communications method instead of TCP/IP which should solve most users "Firewall" issues.  (TCP/IP can still be selected)

Version 2.92 - December 20, 2004

  • "Direct" import of RootsMagic databases with "Advanced" version.
  • Enhancements to TMG GenBridge import.  (Source "RIN" now matches value displayed in TMG, Custom Events can now have "Notes")
  • Enhancements to FTM Add-on import.  (Medical Information, Cause of Death, and Secondary (alternate) name sources are now imported)

Version 2.91 - December 4, 2004

  • Full support for Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition including Landscape/Portrait orientation switching and VGA devices.
  • Better support for H/PC devices with VGA or larger screens.
  • Added ability to save width and position of columns in the lists.  (This must be turned on from the configuration screen)
  • The Language Pack can now be select from Pocket Genealogist.  (Before it had to be set from "Regional Settings")
  • "Status" column added to "Find by To Do" display.  (Except for TMG imports)
  • Fix to synchronization routine that could cause "hangs" with Windows XP systems.
  • Added ability to set Event and Citation note "limits" on GEDCOM imports.
  • Added new "To" date type for Legacy Family Tree.
  • Reworked Date Calculator and Date Edit screen including removing the "Exact" date type.  (You now use a blank "prefix" instead)
  • Fixes to "Orphan" processing.
  • Minor fixes to 2-way Legacy processing.
  • Fix to saving of Window size and position.  (Pocket Genealogist on the Desktop)
  • Minor fixes to GenBridge processing for TMG, PAF and FTM.
  • Addition to GEDCOM date processing to support the following format:  31-Nov-004 (With dashes, the "normal" format does not have dashes)

Version 2.90 - September 3, 2004

  • Support for full 2-way synchronizations with Legacy Family Tree databases.
  • Family Tree Maker now supported by the GenBridge add-on.  (Available for purchase from Wholly Genes)
  • New profile for Family Tree Maker 2005.
  • Added ability to view To Do's associated with a repository (from the "Master Lists"/"Repositories") for Ancestral Quest, Family Origins, RootsMagic and Legacy.
  • Better support for Family Tree Maker addresses.
  • GEDCOM profiles improved to allow better support of "Private Flags", Notes and Addresses per event.

Version 2.81 - June 26, 2004

Note:  Version 2.70 or older databases must be re-imported/synced.   It is recommended that 2.71 or newer databases for RootsMagic, Generations, Ancestral Quest, Family Historian, PAF and Brother's Keeper be re-imported/synced.

  • "Refresh" processing for Legacy databases when on Storage Card is now significantly faster.
  • PAF add-on now supports multiple sets of parents per individual.
  • Changes to RootsMagic GEDCOM Profile to support Version 2.   (Event Sort Dates, new Child to Parent relationships, Location Latitude/Longitude)
  • Switching to tree views now honors the "selected" person on the 3-gen screen.
  • "Edit Children" when in tree view now prompts for which spouse.
  • Ability to search for alternate marriages (Heredis) for date display on 3-gen. (turned off by default)
  • Ability to search for baptism events for display on 3-gen if no birth information.   (turned off by default)
  • Changes to GenBox GEDCOM Profile to support Version 3.2.x.
  • Changes to Heredis GEDCOM Profile.
  • All GEDCOM imports now sort children by event date.

Version 2.80 - June 5, 2004

PocketPC 2000 download
  PocketPC 2002 download
  WM 2003 download
  • "Basic" Version now supports data entry.
  • "Advanced" version now has a backup function.
  • "Ancestor" and "Descendant" tree views have been added.  "Basic" allows up to 3 generations and "Advanced" up to 255 generations.
  • "Mounted" database now supported for memory (which is now the default - see the User Guide for more details)
  • The 3-gen color selection configuration screen has been revamped.
  • The "master lists" now include Source Types, To Do categories, Parent and Child Relationships and Child statuses.
  • Change to help prevent "RC=6 Component not found in Registry" problem with Microsoft Database drivers.
  • Added ability to specify port number to help with problems with Firewall's.
  • Changes to better support PC-Ahnen 2004 imports.

Version 2.72 - April 18, 2004

  • Added GEDCOM "Profile" support for Ancestral Quest and Brother's Keeper
  • Added "Reference" column to "Find by ToDo task".  (For example, the name of the individual is listed for Individual To Do's)
  • Added import of Multimedia objects for GEDCOM imports.  (OBJE Tag)  The data is not synced to the device but is exported to GEDCOM.
  • Added support for UNICODE GEDCOM import/export.
  • Fix: Better date validation on date edit screen.
  • Fix: Soundex calculator (See Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter).
  • Fix: PAF Add-on import.  Fixes to date processing and better support for non-English versions of PAF.
  • Fix: Miscellaneous fixes to GEDCOM imports and exports for English and non-English imports.
  • Fix: Legacy direct import "Warning" regarding version could be inappropriately displayed.
  • Fix: Adding a new Citation and Source at the same time (on device) was failing.

Version 2.71 - February 20, 2004

PocketPC 2000 download
  PocketPC 2002 download
  WM 2003 download
  • Support for February 17th version of Legacy.  (Fixes "Refresh" when spouse order or preferred spouse is changed)
  • Change to Install routine which MAY resolve issue installing to certain PocketPC 2003 devices.
  • Change to Individual/Family screen now shows the RIN from the original import database instead of the Pocket Genealogist generated RIN.
  • Added "Go To" RIN or Pocket Genealogist ID feature.   This allows quick selection of individuals by those ID's.
  • Options screen (on Desktop) moved the more advanced options to an "Advanced" dialog.
  • Initial display of Pocket Genealogist screen on the desktop is much faster.  (The selection items are disabled until the profiles have been loaded)
  • New GenBridge module which fixes a problem retrieving events under certain circumstances.
  • Support for a "freeform" latitude/longitude field.  (TMG GenBridge imports)
  • Added support for the _UID value in GEDCOM imports/exports.  (PAF, Family Origins, RootsMagic)
  • Fix: Under certain circumstances, a GEDCOM import could terminate pre-maturely.
  • Fix: Legacy imports now properly import "empty" events.  (No information other than the event label itself)
  • Fix: Double dates were not properly handled with direct Legacy import.
  • Fix: Individual and Family counts were not working on the Properties screen (Device) for PocketPC 2003 devices.
  • Fix: Tab order configuration change was not retained across Pocket Genealogist sessions for PocketPC 2003 devices.
  • Fix: PAF Add-on imports were not properly handling dates with qualifiers.  (About, Before, After)
  • Fix: Non-English months in Dates for GEDCOM imports may not have been recognized.  (This was a very specific problem, most Non-English months were properly handled)

Version 2.70 - February 7, 2004

PocketPC 2000 download
  PocketPC 2002 download
  WM 2003 download
  • Faster synchronizations to Storage Cards.
  • Added ability to "Refresh" Pocket Genealogist databases from the Legacy database without doing a complete re-import.  (Currently requires data to be in "View Only" mode)
  • Much faster Legacy imports (when Sources are selected on Customize screen)
  • Added Progress bar to Legacy import screen.
  • TMG GenBridge imports now have Latitude / Longitude inclusion/exclusion flag on Customize screen.
  • TMG GenBridge imports now use original TMG Source # for display instead of Pocket Genealogist Source #.
  • TMG GenBridge imports now ignore flags with a value of "?" (to conserve space in the "Facts" database)
  • New To Do display for TMG and Legacy imports which better supports the fields used by each.
  • New Portuguese Language Pack
  • Fix: Primary events for Legacy (Birth, Christening, Death, Burial) now sorted in event list in that order instead of by date.  (Shown in the same order as Legacy screen)
  • Fix: Legacy imports now properly import Call Number if Repository is not specified.
  • Fix: Legacy imports now properly allow source citations for Cause of Death field even if field is blank.
  • Fix: Legacy imports now work properly on empty Legacy databases.  (New database with no individuals)
  • Fix: All GenBridge imports now sort spouse list by "marriage" date
  • Fix: GEDCOM exports now work better with Language Packs.
  • Fix: GenBox imports now properly show "Other" sex in lists.
  • Fix: TMG GenBridge import now properly displays Research Log dates without the "?" qualifier.

Version 2.61 - December 22, 2003

  • TMG GenBridge Custom Flags now return label of flag instead of "Flag1", "Flag2", etc.
  • PAF Add-on import now properly distinguishes between "Marriage" and "Marriage for time only"
  • PAF Add-on import now properly handles divorce status.
  • PAF Add-on import now properly sort children and marriages by date.
  • Support for "Cause of Death" field for Rootsmagic 1.04A
  • Support for Family Historian 2.2 (Marriage Status, new Child Relationship values, Repository Call Number and Media Type)

Version 2.60 - November 29, 2003

  • PAF Add-on.  This add-on, available for purchase from the Wholly Genes website, allows DIRECT importation of PAF V5 databases bypassing the GEDCOM step.   The add-on, which will cost $9.95, will work with either the "Basic" or "Advanced" version of Pocket Genealogist.   More information can be found at  Additional GenBridge imports will be added in the future and will not require an additional purchase.  (You only buy the add-on once)
  • Support for the November 7th (or newer) version of Legacy Family Tree V5.
  • Added "Orphaned" database processing.  On the Pocket Genealogist desktop sync screen, you can press the "Orphans" button to retrieve a list of databases on the device that no longer exist on the desktop.  You can then synchronize the database back to the desktop.  This is handy when you have a system failure on your desktop or delete your Pocket Genealogist database by mistake.   Databases created prior to this version (2.60) are not eligible for retrieval.
  • Added "Find by Todo Task" so that all To Do's can be viewed on the device from one screen.  (On the Tools menu)
  • Added "Inclusion" check boxes to the TMG GenBridge and GEDCOM imports so that you can decide what data elements to transfer to the device.   (Allowing smaller databases if not all data is needed)
  • Added an "Open Log" iconic button to the main desktop Pocket Genealogist screen providing easy access to the Pocket Genealogist logs
  • The Pocket Genealogist desktop "About" screen now has buttons for sending emails to Northern Hills Software or navigating to the main Pocket Genealogist webpage or the documents (User Guide) webpage.
  • Added support for "Family Historian".   "Edit Children" screen now has "Parents Notes" button for Family Historian imports.
  • "Native" support for Windows Mobile 2003 devices. (Pocket PC 2003)
  • The "GEDCOM Profiles" have been changed to add finer control over the supported fields for specific events.  (Date, Location, Temple, Cause, Status, Age, Agency, Memo)  The Direct imports (Legacy, TMG GenBridge, PAF Add-on) now use these profiles which provide better GEDCOM exporting.  Additionally the Language Packs have been changed to provide translations for the direct imports. 
  • You now can "edit/view" individuals directly from the "Find by Name" list.   After you "edit/view", you are returned to the list.  (MAJOR time savings when you have multiple individuals with the same name as you don't have to re-do the find after viewing an individual)
  • Database, Language Packs, the sync process, and the Import "Customize" screen is now all controlled by a version number.  This allows proper management of these items with future releases of Pocket Genealogist.
  • Support for Citation Reference Field for TMG GenBridge imports.
  • Language Packs have been enhanced to support translations of "labels" (Events for example) for Direct imports.  "List" items such as Child Status, Witness Labels, Parent Relationships, etc. are now translated.
  • Support for "Preferred" events for FTM imports.  Marriage Begin and End status are now attached to the Marriage Event instead being found on the "Facts" tab.  (Marriage End Status and preferred processing still not 100% operational like FTM)
  • Generations "Cause of Death" data is now found on the "Fact" tab.
  • Family Historian imports now supports "Cause of Death" field on EVERY death event for an individual.  All other import types only allow "Cause of Death" on the primary Death event.
  • Better support of PAF repositories.
  • Support for "Custom Flags" for TMG GenBridge imports.  Also support for BirthOrder, Multiple Birth and Adopted flag.
  • Support for "Cause of Death" source citations. (Legacy Family tree imports)
  • List of events on Event "tab" (individual and family) now displays either the location, temple or comment in the 3rd column of the list.  (Whichever is available)  This is especially useful for events with no locations but with a comment.
  • Better support of LDS Temples.
  • Primary and secondary names can now be swapped with FTM Imports.
  • Child Status and Relationship to Parents can now be accessed from the "Edit Children" screen.  (use the push button next to the display field to "Toggle" between the types)
  • "Relationship" now contains additional information about each entry in the list (Relationship to Parents, Marriage date, etc.)
  • Screens with name fields for FTM Imports now label "prefix" as "title"
  • Dropped support for Direct import with Legacy Version 3.
  • Added better support for GEDCOM's created with the ANSEL character set.
  • Support for Microsoft ActiveSync 3.7.1
  • Fixed problem with HP/C version of 2.53.  ("File", "Open" did not work in that release)
  • TMG GenBridge Research Log fix.  (Previous versions were not retrieving all Research Log entries)
  • "Unlocking" of databases from the "Properties" screen on the device now correctly sets the "enablement" of menu items.  (Prior to this fix, you had to close/open the database in order to access some of the menu items)
  • PAF Divorce status now properly handled.
  • Name Alias (AKA) for FTM imports can no longer attach sources.

Version 2.53 - October 7, 2003

  • PAF GEDCOM Import - Support for Addresses.  Support for "Physical Description" field.
  • Legacy Import - Support for Legacy Version 5.
  • Legacy Import - Support for "Cause of Death" sources.  Support for family "User Reference" field.
  • Legacy DIRECT Import - fix for "SQL Error 100".
  • Legacy & TMG DIRECT Import - now uses "Profiles" similar to the GEDCOM Profiles.
  • Generations GEDCOM Import - MUCH better address support.
  • Generations, Heredis, RootsMagic GEDCOM Import - The 2nd phone # field on the address screen on the device is now a Fax # field.
  • All GEDCOM Imports - added "versioning" to the profiles to control merge of tag files with new releases.  (or more specifically, NOT merging tag files if the new release has changed the structure of the file)
  • Miscellaneous - Databases can now be "unlocked" from the "Properties" screen on the device.  This is a one way process, you can unlock but not lock them using this method.

Version 2.52 - September 22, 2003

  • TMG direct (GenBridge) import - fix to source citation processing
  • Rootsmagic Import - support added for location notes.
  • Heredis Import (Version 5) - minor changes to improve import.
  • Changes to date editing on device to better support Language Packs.  (In this particular case, it was "French" that was having a problem with month abbreviations)

Version 2.51 - August 31, 2003

  • TMG Import: "Remove Format Code" option now correctly works for any size item.
  • TMG Import: Event memo's larger than 50,000 characters now supported.
  • FTM Import: Removed various facts, events, and date keywords from FTM GEDCOM Profile that are not supported by FTM.
  • FTM Import: Better support of "Marriage Begin Status" and "Marriage End Status"
  • FTM Import: Better primary and alternate name support.
  • PAF Import: Now supports Repositories.
  • GenBox Import: Support for additional Source tags
  • Legacy direct import: Support for "Dual Surnames".  (used in Spain for example)
  • GEDCOM Profiles: Various fixes for the "merge" process that occurs during new version upgrades.
  • Removed "To Do" from the Citation display.
  • Fixed Date Calculator and Date Edit screen so that the calendars now show the entire year when changing the year in the calendar.
  • Language Packs: Various fixes to properly support the Language Packs.
  • Surname is automatically "filled in" as the default when adding a new alternate name.
  • The "Tools" screen now allows the deletion of individual Pocket Genealogist components (Databases, Logs, Configuration, GEDCOM Profiles)
  • Other miscellaneous fixes and adjustments.

Version 2.50 - August 2, 2003

  • Data Entry
  • Export to GEDCOM
  • Faster Synchronization
  • Direct TMG (The Master Genealogist) import using GenBridge (tm) by Wholly Genes Software
  • Better GEDCOM import using "profiles"
  • Elimination of 16MB database limit
  • Support for LDS Ordinances
  • Support for "To Do" lists of various desktop programs.
  • Many other new features

Version 2.19 - July 7, 2003

  • Support for PocketPC 2003 devices.

Version 2.18 - May 17, 2003

  • Support for May 17th Legacy Family Tree release.

Version 2.17 - March 7, 2003

  • Support for March 7th Legacy Family Tree release.

Version 2.16 - March 5, 2003

  • Support for March 5th Legacy Family Tree release.
  • Status and Date values now both supported for LDS Ordinances.
  • Remove "Smart Minimize" button on the 3-gen display for PocketPC 2002 devices.  (Looks like a "Close" button but really just hides the program)

Version 2.15 - February 1, 2003

  • Support for Intermec 6651 device.

Version 2.14 - November 17, 2002

  • Fixed bug in Date Calculator

Version 2.13 - November 7, 2002

  • Some more minor fixes to the GEDCOM import to ignore new tags with Legacy V4.

Version 2.12 - November 3, 2002

  • Minor fixes to the GEDCOM import to ignore new tags with Legacy V4.
  • Possible fix for "nag" message display when the program is registered.
  • Added Date, Coordinates (Latitude/Longitude), and Soundex Calculators.

Version 2.11 - August 27, 2002

  • Minor fix to support an update to Legacy Family Tree V4

Version 2.10 - March 2, 2002

  • Support for Legacy Family Tree V4
  • Added support for GEDCOM imports that might have BOTH a date and a status for LDS Ordinances.
  • Changed date displays to abbreviate prefixes such as "Between" to "save" space on the display.
  • Bug Fix: Individuals with "unknown" spouses sometimes would not correctly display children for that individual.
  • Bug Fix: For the "Spouse Selection List", sometimes it would not display the correct spouses.
  • There are updated "Language Packs" for this release

Version 2.05 - November 3, 2001

  • Support for PocketPC 2002
  • Bug Fix: Fixed program abend during import of long source notes. (Greater than 30,000 characters)
  • Bug Fix: Closing a database on the CE device was not properly refreshing screen.  (Some information remained in 3-gen display after close)

Version 2.04 - October 2, 2001

  • Bug Fix: Additional changes to UTF-8 GEDCOM import in support of Language Packs.  This fix will not be noticeable unless you are running one of the Language Packs.
  • Bug Fix: Properly display the message when opening a partially synchronized database.  Prior to this fix, you would receive multiple messages and your device would likely "freeze".  This fixes one of the problems under the "Known Issues" section of this website.

Version 2.03 - September 8, 2001

  • Bug Fix: Changes to the "Find by Surname" and "Find by Location" to work correctly with Norwegian and Danish Language Pack.
  • Added Support for proper display of year on the 3-generation screen (Main display) when dates are in the form dd-mon-yyyy or mon-yyyy
  • Additional GEDCOM Tag support for Sources that were causing warnings during import.  (TMG and Brother's Keeper)
  • Bug Fix: During Direct Legacy Import, un-related events could have been mis-labeled if the "Child Status" was also selected.

Version 2.02 - July 29, 2001

  • Added Research Notes to the "Properties" page. (CE side)
  • Added ability to delete all Research Notes (from the "Properties" page)
  • Added support for GEDCOM's generated in the UTF-8 format.  (The default for PAF 5.0)
  • Added support for Siemans SIMpad CL4 device.
  • Added additional tags in support of Generations.
  • Always "commit" data entered into Research Notes to memory or CompactFlash so that they are not lost during a soft reset.
  • Better support for the installation of Pocket Genealogist to CompactFlash.  (The program is still executable even after a hard-reset if installed to CompactFlash)
  • If given name or surname is not supplied, it will now say <None> instead of "Unknown".
  • Bug Fix: Resolved problem that could cause "PGCE0000.dll in user or in ROM" during install.  (You still must not have Pocket Genealogist running)   When you install 2.02 you can still get this error since the fix hasn't been "loaded" yet.
  • Bug Fix: Resolved "Cannot create database" error that sometimes occurs during GEDCOM or Legacy import.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed import error if a note is much larger than 30,000 characters.  (Pocket Genealogist limit for notes is 30,000)
  • Bug Fix: Direct Legacy import was not correctly applying the sources to Notes;
  • Bug Fix: Blank Surnames were not displayed in the "Find by Surname" list.  They can now be found under the "Before" button.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a date formatting error with the direct Legacy import.

Version 2.01 - June 16, 2001

  • Add Print function to the Research Notes (On desktop)
  • Allow the use of the language packs for the "non-registered" version of Pocket Genealogist.
  • Most warning messages during GEDCOM import will now display the "Level 0" information to help find error in GEDCOM
  • Changed display text for "PAGE" and "ABBR" GEDCOM tags.  (Citation Detail and Short Title respectively)
  • The TYPE tag now supported for primary events (such as BIRT, DEAT).  This is in support of Heredis.
  • TITL tag can now be an event.  This is in support of Heredis.
  • Bug Fix: ' mark in Surnames was incorrectly displayed as '' on CE side.
  • Bug Fix: An abend could occur if no compiler information existed for direct Legacy import.
  • Bug Fix: Sources could display a note that was not related to that source.
  • Bug Fix: Children may not have been displayed properly in the situation where one of the spouses was "unknown"
  • Bug Fix: Multiple Parent button was sometimes not displayed when multiple sets of parents existed.

Version 2.00 - May 22, 2001

  • Added direct Legacy Family Tree import (don't need GEDCOM)
  • Added "Research Notes"
  • Added Ability to "re-order" the tabs in the Individual and Marriage detail dialog.
  • Changed the display of dates to reflect the settings specified in "Regional Settings"
  • Added file "Properties".  Shows open database with some details for that database.
  • You can now have Addresses per Event.
  • Additional support for "JSLandscape" program by Jimmy Software.
  • Fixed some memory problems.
  • Additional GEDCOM support for Generations.  (_PRIV, REVW, CIVL, _TOD, _DET, _MEN, _MST, PERI, EDTN, EDTR, VOL)

Version 1.11 - March 28, 2001

  • Added Support for original Palm-size PC 1.0 platform. (Runs CE 2.01)
  • Added the following tags: _MBS (Membership), _MOV (Moved), _LAW (Law), _MTG (Mortgage), _CRM (Criminal), _MIL (Military), _LAG (Land Grant), _LIC (License)
  • Fixed miscellaneous GEDCOM warnings reported by users.
  • Resized the Columns in the "Find by Name" list to better suit the 640x480 display size.  Also resized some of the Columns for the German Language Add-on.

Version 1.10 - February 28, 2001

  • Added "Proper" date sort for Event List.   You can activate automatic list sorting under the "Lists" tab of "Options", "Configuration".  You can also sort the date column (or any other column) by tapping on the column header.
  • The Spouse ("H" and "W") and Parents ("P") buttons on the 3-generation display is now graphical icons.
  • Increased size of date field for GEDCOM imports.
  • Reorganized program to allow for multiple languages.  Currently, French, German and Greek are supported. (or partially supported)  If you would like to help translate Pocket Genealogist into your native language, please contact Support at Northern Hills Software.
  • Added "codepage" support on the synchronization screen.  Under most circumstances you should use the program selected value.  (Codepages are used to select character sets during text translation)
  • The comment field on the Event Tab for Individuals and Families now display all of the data for that field.  (Previously only displayed the first couple hundred characters)
  • Added "Registration Code" system.  There are now two Versions of Pocket Genealogist "Basic" and "Advanced'. Future versions of Pocket Genealogist will support different levels of data entry and 2-way synchronization.

Version 1.03 - January 26, 2001

  • Added Sort Configuration option for Lists.
  • Added Support for multiple languages for the CE component of Pocket Genealogist
  • Additional Support for selecting Colors for Screen Objects. (Buttons, Data Fields, Lists)
  • Better Support for Large Screen CE devices
  • The "More" button on the Event Tab now indicates if Notes or Facts exist for the selected event.
  • Added additional support for GEDCOM tags.
  • Added "Alternate" character selection on the Find Dialog.
  • Gender button on Name Tab for Individual is now more readable.
  • Added marriage location to marriage box for large screen devices.
  • Database Open should be slightly faster for CE 2.11 or better devices.
  • Bug Fix: Source Tab would sometimes display Notes as part of a source that did not belong to that source.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed Compress/No Compress option for synchronizing to CompactFlash cards.
  • Bug Fix: Sometimes during Synchronization, a message indicating "A Communications Error Occurred" was reported after the "Synchronization Complete" message.

Version 1.02 - January 1, 2001

  • Bug Fix: If “force” is used with Synchronization, every synchronization thereafter would always transfer data even if not needed.
  • Bug Fix: Desktop Program would run out of memory when Importing LARGE gedcom files (more than 15,000 individuals)
  • Initial support for Database “Versioning” – future releases will either upgrade existing databases if necessary or indicate that they need to be rebuilt
  • Support for miscellaneous GEDCOM tags (TMG 4.0 and FTM 8.0)
  • Added support for “Title” field for Individuals
  • Bug Fix: Preferred spouses were not correctly selected when navigating on the 3 generation view.
  • Database is checked during open on CE device and will fail if synchronization is not complete.
  • When selecting the Event, Note, or Fact Tab within individual or family details, the first item in the list is automatically selected.
  • For PocketPC devices, the Navigation Bar (Title Bar) now displays information about the current dialog.
  • Note field added to the AKA list on Name tab of Individual Detail dialog
  • Support for Landscape mode for PocketPC’s (which use 3rd party software based rotation)
  • Bug Fix: Desktop code that prevented two copies of the program from running would sometimes prevent first copy from running.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed conflict with PocketNav application.

Version 1.01 - December 17, 2000

  • Added Support for Additional GEDCOM tags in support of Family Tree Maker Version 8.0 and other GEDCOM formats.
  • Added “About” dialog to Desktop program – contact information for Northern Hills Software can be found on this dialog.
  • Added “Facts” Tab for Marriage Detail Dialog
  • Added the display of Notes and Facts for Specific Events.  (Notes and Facts tab on Individual and Family panel are global to the individual or family – this new feature allows notes and facts to be tied to a specific Event – use the “More” button now found on the Event Tab of the detail dialogs)
  • Added Note Field to Name tab of Individual Detail Dialog.

Version 1.00 - December 9, 2000

  • Official first "Public" Release