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Pocket Genealogist Version 3 uses standard Microsoft Database Drivers to create the Pocket Genealogist database used for synchronization.   (Version 4 no longer uses the Microsoft Drivers for it's database)

Additionally, these database drivers are used to directly read the data in 3rd party genealogy products such as Legacy Family Tree and RootsMagic 3 and Genbox. 

Northern Hills Software has decided not to package Pocket Genealogist with the appropriate Microsoft drivers since it would make the download significantly larger and could put duplicate files on your computer.   (We feel that we shouldn't be making these decisions for you without your knowledge.)

If you are getting any of the following you should install these drivers:

  • The installation program tells you that the database drivers aren't working.
  • You get a message that the ODBC.DLL driver is missing or not found
  • An error that mentions "sqlconfigdatasource"
  • A "Component not found in registry" message
  • An error mentioning "ODBC" or "Access"
  • "Data source name not found and no default driver specified" (IM002).   Note: If you are having "IM002" problems with a "direct" RootsMagic or The Master Genealogist import, click HERE
  • Messages that begin with "Database error: Native Error=....."

If you have any of the above problems, perform the following steps.

Note: There is additional installation information at the MDAC links above.  For some operating systems, they indicate that you should install the MDAC driver after the Jet Service Pack.   See the information at the above 2 links for more details.  You should reboot your computer after installing the above drivers.

If you are running Windows XP with Service Pack 2 (and SP3?), you may not be able to install the above files.  (It may tell you that it's already installed or not for that version of Windows)   Here's how to "Repair" the version of MDAC on your computer which may solve the problem.

  1. Locate the mdac.inf file in c:\windows\inf (using "My Computer" - the "inf" folder may be hidden but you can type the location into the "Address" bar)
  2. Right click on the mdac.inf file and select "Install"
  3. When prompted for a location (the "Files Needed" message) point to c:\windows\servicepackfiles\i386
  4. When prompted for the XP cd, either load the CD or point to c:\i386 (if available)

When complete the problem may be fixed.

If you still get the "Component Not Found in Registry" error after installing the above, click HERE to view a Word Document created by David M. Tredgett of Modern Computers Ltd.  David spent some time analyzing the problem on his computer and has some information that may be useful in your situation.   (For technically advanced users only)

If you should get an error message that is not mentioned above BUT the new drivers fix the problem, please notify Northern Hills Software so the message can be added to the list.