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If you are getting the previous screen, then the firewall is blocking access from the device to the desktop.  You most likely saw the following screen during your first synchronization.   Pocket Genealogist is trying to determine the TCP/IP address of your desktop computer in order to start the synchronization process.

If you select the default action of "Always block connections from this program on all ports (Recommended)", then you will get the "Unable to Communicate" screen.   (Click HERE to learn how to undo making this selection)   You should select "Always allow connections from this program on all ports" or "Manually configure internet access" and make a specific rule. 

Note: Pocket Genealogist does not connect to the internet, this is "generic" wording by the firewall program.

You may also get the following alert if you are using the default port of 1024 and you have "Intrusion Detection" turned on.

This is one of the "limitations" of firewall programs.  They have to make assumptions about programs based on ports being used.  Pocket Genealogist does not contain the "Netspy Trojan horse".   (If you go to the Alert Assistant, it even acknowledges that it MAY be the Netspy Trojan horse although the above screen seems to indicate a certainty that it is the Trojan horse)   I recommend changing the port used by Pocket Genealogist.  (Version 2.81 uses port 1500 by default)  Click HERE to see how to change the port used by Pocket Genealogist.

Note: The Pocket Genealogist synchronization program on the device may be running and "hung" if a connection is blocked.  You will need to do a "Soft Reset" on your device in order to close that process.  See your user guide for your device on how to do a "Soft Reset".

Note: I would recommend turning off "AutoBlock" in the "Intrusion Protection" configuration until you get synchronization working.  Even then, if you turn it back on, make sure you change the port used by Pocket Genealogist so that it's not using 1024 or it will trap it as a "Trojan".

Once you get past the trojan warning and have set access as "Permit All", you should still get the following.

You should select "Permit" to allow the connection.  If you never want to see this prompt again during a Pocket Genealogist synchronization attempt, also check the "Always use this action".   If you already selected "Block", you'll need to remove all references to "PGenieMN.exe" from the firewall so you will be prompted again.  Click HERE to see how to do this.

Final Notes

I found Norton Personal Firewall 2004 to be confusing to use and very inconsistent UNTIL I changed the port used by Pocket Genealogist to 1500. (or any value that isn't flagged as being a port used by a Trojan - you can search the internet for "known trojan ports" and will get a REALLY long list)  If you have problems getting the above to work, I would change the Pocket Genealogist port, then remove all references to PgenieMN.exe in the Personal Firewall configuration, turn off "Autoblock" in the "Intrusion Detection" configuration, then try the sync again.  (if you see any sync windows on the device, do a "soft reset")  You should then get the following screens when you try the synchronization:

You should select "Always allow connections from this program on all ports".  After pressing "OK", the following should appear:

You should select "Permit" and check "Always use this action".

Once I did that, I never got another Norton prompt about synchronization even after I turned "AutoBlock" back on.