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There are a few situations that can cause a communications problem.

Mismatch or missing program on the device

If the problem first occurs after installing Pocket Genealogist, make sure that Pocket Genealogist was installed on the device.   (Look under "Start", "Programs")  If it is not there, check to make sure you have the proper download for your device.  (There are multiple PocketPC downloads.  All will install properly on the desktop but won't install on the device if you get the wrong version)  Click HERE to go to the download area.   If Pocket Genealogist IS on the device, then check to make sure that the version matches what is on the desktop.    Do a "File", "About" on the device, and an "About" on the desktop to get the version of Pocket Genealogist.

Do a "Soft Reset" on your device

Whenever "strange" things start happening on your device, a "Soft Reset" in a lot of cases can resolve the problem.  A "Soft Reset" is similar to a "Reboot".   Refer to the user guide that came with your device to determine how to do a "Soft Reset".   Do not do a "Hard Reset" since that returns the device to the same state as when you first purchased it.  (All programs and data that you put on the device will be lost)

"Use TCP/IP" option

If none of the above work, and you are unable to get your firewall software to allow the connection using the information below, changing the Pocket Genealogist communication to use the "TCP/IP" protocol may solve the problem.  This option can be turned on from the "Advanced" options screen found under the "Options" button in Pocket Genealogist.  (Desktop side)

Windows Mobile Device Center (with Windows Vista or Windows 7)

You should make sure you have the most current Windows Mobile Device Center as some versions of Vista (and possibly Windows 7) came with an incomplete version.

Click this for Windows Mobile Device Center Download Web Page

Additionally, if you have a PocketPC 2002 device (sorry, older devices won't work) you cannot synchronize to the device in the 'normal' manner.  Click HERE for information on how to resolve.

Firewall Software

This is the most likely the cause of the problem.  Pocket Genealogist uses either an ActiveSync or TCP/IP connection to communicate between the device and the desktop.  (you can configure this from the "Options", "Advanced" screen.  The default is ActiveSync)  The ActiveSync connection also uses a TCP/IP connection.   Either way, if you are using a Firewall program you have to allow the connection.  Firewalls tend to think all TCP/IP connections are "Internet Connections".  "Normal" Pocket Genealogist operations do not connect to the internet even though the firewall program may lead you to think this.  ("Check for Updates" does connect to the internet, but synchronization between the device and your device and desktop does not)

Here's an example of what you may see with Zone Alarm Pro

If you don't "allow", the connection will fail and you will receive a 10054 error code.

You may not see any prompts with your firewall program when Pocket Genealogist tries to communicate with the device.  One way to determine if the firewall program is the issue with communications would be to temporarily disable the firewall.  If you can then synchronize, the issue is definitely a firewall configuration issue.

Following are some examples on possible ways to configure your firewall software.

Microsoft Troubleshooting Information for ActiveSync 4

Norton Personal Firewall 2004

Norton Firewall (Other than NPF 2004)

ZoneAlarm Pro 5

ZoneAlarm (Generic)

Windows XP SP2 Firewall